10 Best Ripley’s Attractions Across America

The famously shocking and at times unbelievable ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not!’ franchise is one of the most well-known names in entertainment. This American original franchise founded by none other than Robert Ripley, a lover of everything bizarre and unbelievable.

You can visit over 95 total attractions through the Ripley Entertainment company, the entire franchise seeing over 13 million guests worldwide. With the bevy of options crossing over into 4 different continents, it can be a little overwhelming to decide where to go to first!

Below we have made it a little easier for you, listing the types of attractions Ripley’s holds within North America, and where we think the best location for each is. At the very end of the blog, we invite you to voice your own opinion, and tell us exactly which location you think is the best overall! Remember Robert Ripley’s motto:

‘I have traveled to over 201 countries and the strangest thing I've seen is man’.


  • Ripley’s Odditorium - (33 Total)
    The Ripley’s Odditorium is the main focal point of the entire collection of buildings and attractions associated with the name, these ‘strange, shocking, and beautiful’ collections typically housed in visually unusual buildings. Enjoy hands-on illusions and displays (between 400 and 700 exhibits total) as you walk through exotically themed galleries in what Robert Ripley would consider a truly magical wonderland. Our Choice: Key West, Florida
  • Ripley’s Miniature Golf - (3 Total)
    Even Robert Ripley liked to let loose and have some good ole’ fashioned fun every now and then, which is why he has 3 of his very own uniquely themed miniature golf courses. Delight in lavishly themed courses of about 18 holes each, each golfing hotspot providing all the ponds, waterfalls, and obstacles you’d expect in a quality mini-course. Be sure to try for a free game at the end with a hole in one! (If our staff can do it, you sure can!)
    Our Choice: Williamsburg, Virginia - Catfish Cove
  • Ripley’s Candy Factory - (6 Total)
    If you run into a Ripley’s Candy Factory or shop then you’re in for a treat, literally! These fun shops mix old-time classics with all the latest favorite sweet treats you can find, providing guests of any ages with a relaxing treat that certainly won't taste odd!
    Our Choice: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  • Ripley’s Haunted Adventures - (4 Total)
    Get in touch with your spooky side with any of 4 different Ripley’s Haunted Adventures, each location providing a distinct multi-million dollar haunted house or carriage ride that will be so full of scary live actors and special effects, you won’t want to ride home in the dark afterward!
    Our Choice: Alamo Plaza, Texas
  • Ripley’s Aquariums - (3 Total)
    Ripley’s various aquariums throughout North America are, believe it or not, shockingly impressive! You will see massive collections of marine life from around the world in any of the 3 existing aquariums, learning so much you may not have already known while seeing things you may have never seen be


    GT Staff Aquarium of the Smokies

    fore. Enjoy unique opportunities within these aquariums such as ‘Sleeping with the Sharks’ or the various 'Stingray Experiences' while here!
    Our Choice: Toronto, Canada

  • Ripley’s Guinness World Record Museums - (5 Total)
    Perhaps one of our personal favorite Robert Ripley attraction installments is the famously entertaining Ripley’s Guinness World Record Museum. This attraction allows guests to look at all the artifacts, exhibits, videos, and games they can handle, each having to do with some sort of world record broken before. See amazing group sports, space, and/or foodie feats and even try to break your own new record at the new Attempt Arenas.
    Our Choice: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
  • Ripley’s Laser Races - (7 Total)
    There are several differently themed Ripley’s Laser Races, but the outcome and amount of fun to be had with each option is all the same! Try to navigate your way through a web of LED laser mazes as you challenge your friends' score and try to beat the clock above. This is a really fast-paced and really entertaining attraction to stop at!
    Our Choice: Atlantic City, New Jersey - The Vault Lazer Maze Challenge
  • Ripley’s Moving Theaters - (8 Total)
    At the moving theaters that fall under Ripley’s brand, you will find several different names, themes, and even theater capabilities. These interactive adventures allow you as the guest to take the bumps, thumps, and thrills with the people onscreen, a fast-paced, yet somehow really relaxing, theater journey for all ages to enjoy. Capabilities range from 4D to 7D, depending on your chosen location.
    Our Choice: Baltimore, Maryland - 4D Monkey Madness
  • Ripley’s Mirror Mazes - (8 Total)

    GT Staff Ripley's Mirror Maze Pigeon Forge

    If you are looking to laugh, cry (if you are lost long enough), and have an all-around really good time, Ripley’s Mirror Mazes are the way to go! These labyrinths of mirrors and LED lights will have you more lost than you thought was possible, a really fun and challenging group activity that all ages will enjoy! Don’t worry, they’ll send out a search party if necessary!
    Our Choice: Grand Prairie, Texas - Enchanted Mirror Maze

  • Ripley’s Ghost/Red Trains - (1 of Each Total)
    This is one of the most unique Ripley’s attractions you will find, both the Red Train and the Ghost Train located in the ‘nation’s oldest city’, St. Augustine, Florida. The Red Train will take you to over 20 different historic stops, one of the most comprehensive city tours available, and the Ghost Train will do the same, only to all the more paranormal St. Augustine spots. The Red Train tradition has been going since 1953, changing for the holidays into a festive local tradition.
    Our Choice: (The Only Choice) St. Augustine, Florida.


There are 3 Mexico Ripley's locations as well, in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Vera Cruz. Worldwide, you can find more amazing attractions from Robert in India, England, Denmark, Malaysia, Korea, Netherlands, Thailand, and even Australia!

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