Why You Should Consider Group Vacations

Traveling solo can be very fun and rewarding, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes going as a group is much more beneficial, convenient, and memorable overall!

When you travel with a group you get certain benefits you just don't get on your own, from cheaper lodging prices to priceless teambuilding experiences you won't soon forget. Splitting meals, sharing taxis, and enjoying the company of several of your closest friends will most likely help you enjoy your trip all the more, so next time you plan a big trip think about inviting your whole crew!

Group Rates

  • Traveling with a group can drastically decrease your overall trip cost, especially when you utilize group discounts on restaurants, attractions, and lodging. If you are going on a vacation with a friend or family group, opt to share rooms.

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More People, More Fun

  • Whether you are with a large group of friends, coworkers, or family members, one thing always tends to be true: the more, the merrier! Going on a vacation with a group of people versus just yourself allows much more opportunity for a wide variety of activities and experiences, all different based on what those in your group are interested in.

Bonding and Team Building 

  • This point is especially relevant to business and school group travel, though honestly, any group will get a bit of team-building experience out of their travels together (and, of course, a lot of bonding). Navigating a new city, checking into all of your destinations, and trying new foods and activities are all trying and exciting things, and doing them in a group will bring you all closer together as a team.

Strength in Numbers

  • Both traveling internationally and nationally can sometimes be scary, especially if you are on your own. When traveling with a group you will have the added benefit of having strength in numbers, ensuring you will have plenty of friendly and helpful faces around if anything goes wrong during your trip.

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The ‘Let’s Split it’ Factor

  • This is one of our favorite aspects of group travel, and we call it the ‘let’s split it’ factor. Just as it sounds, this is a benefit you can really enjoy on a group trip, with plenty of opportunities to split attraction payments, transportation fees, lodging expenses, and our favorite, food! Split a plate and share the tab or pile in the taxi, this is one of the best things about group vacations!

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