The Best Cities for Group Travel

Our company is all about making the most of your group travel experience, which begins with one simple, yet very important, step: LOCATION.

Choosing the right spot for your group trip is highly important because believe it or not, not every city is as group-friendly as you may like them to be. Some locations can be troublesome and anything but relaxing, simply because of the attractions available, the lodging choices, and the budget of the place overall.

So when you are planning your next big group travel experience and you don't exactly know which cities are the most group-friendly and why, turn to us, we'll help!

Here are our top 5 choices for The Best Cities for Group Travel.

  1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - 'Located on the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is rated as one of Mexico’s top five tourist destinations for its beaches, excellent surfing and diving spots, marine life, and cultural attractions. From quaint balnearies, small Latin American seaside villages, to giant entertainment complexes like Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo, Cabo San Lucas has everything you could want for a great vacation....' continue reading about Cabo here.

    Group Travel Benefit:
    Top Beach Recreation opportunities for groups and overall city safety. 

    Cabo San Lucas Group Travel Pixabay

    Cabo San Lucas Pixabay

  2. Austin, Texas - 'The capital city of Texas, Austin delivers fun, freedom, and plenty of attractions to keep your group busy. Settled in the 1830s by adventurous pioneers, Austin started its illustrious history with the quintessential American spirit. From there the city has grown along with the Republic of Texas' own big personality, set in the liberties of independence and entrepreneurship that sets the state apart from the rest. They certainly do it big in Texas, and Austin is no exception...' continue reading about Austin here.

    Group Travel Benefit:
    Outstanding group attractions for all ages city-wide, both indoors and out.

    Austin Group Travel Pixabay

    Austin Pixabay

  3. Chicago, Illinois - 'The New York of the Midwest, Chicago has all of the big city glamors with the frontier charm of middle America. This historical city has the landmarks, monuments, and museums of a much larger city added to the contemporary space of newer attractions, community events, and more. With a growing, thriving Broadway theater district and a number of world-class art museums such as the Art Institute, Chicago is a cultural hub for the central states...' continue reading about Chicago here.

    Group Travel Benefit:
    A wide variety of entertainment and education options to fit the taste of everyone in your group. Essential American architecture and museums, as well.

    Chicago Group Travel Pixabay

    Chicago Pixabay

  4. San Diego, California - 'San Diego may be located in the very southwestern corner of the Continental U.S., but a trip here is well worth the effort. Blessed with some of the best weather you will find anywhere, San Diego offers great ocean fun and a whole lot more for all types of groups!. It’s a cultural experience for students, offers an exciting nightlife for adults, and boasts a variety of world-famous activities, beaches, and beautiful sights....' continue reading about San Diego here.

    Group Travel Benefit:
    Groups typically want both a wide variety and great mix of both beach and city attractions, which is exactly what San Diego will offer you!

    San Diego Group Travel Pixabay

    San Diego Pixabay

  5. Tulum, Mexico - 'Located on the site of a Pre-Columbian Maya walled city, Tulum is utter perfection. Situated along the Caribbean Sea on the Riviera Maya, Tulum combines relaxation with adventure from the sugar-white sands and turquoise water to the jungle forests and limestone cave systems. See everything and experience everything in this beautiful city in the Quintana Roo region of the Yucatan peninsula....' continue reading about Tulum here. 

    Group Travel Benefit:
    Tropical paradise doesn't get much more straightforward than this, and if we've learned anything since Group Tours first started, it's that ANY group loves their own tropical paradise!

    Tulum Group Travel Pixabay

    Tulum Pixabay