Top 10 Must-See Roadside Attractions

Road trips can be a drag. No matter how well you plan and take note of handy road trip tips, you may eventually grow weary of being stuck in a car for so long. One easy way to spice up your road trips is by visiting every weird, strange, random, exciting roadside attraction you see come your way! The U.S. is filled with oddities perfect for rest stops, but we've pared down a list of our top ten must-see roadside attractions.

1. Carhenge: Alliance, Nebraska

Can't make it all the way to England to check out the mysterious Stonehenge sculptures? Get the next best thing at Carhenge in Nebraska - a field filled with 38 old Ford cars spray-painted grey to replicate the European version. Great for selfies, not so much for driving.

2. Hole n' the Rock: Moab, Utah

Anyone headed west can't miss this weird roadside stop. Carved out of a massive Utah sandstone mound, this attraction is actually a modern home, with 14 fully furnished rooms inside the cave.  50,000 feet of stone was removed in building this abode, and there's even a petting zoo to check out while inside.

3. Paul Bunyan: Minnesota, Maine, and Oregon

The legend of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox live on in not just one state, but three! Akeley, Minnesota, Bangor, Maine, and Portland, Oregon all feature massive "life-size" (if he were actually a giant, as legend has it) statues of Paul and Babe, most of which are just off the main highway, convenient for your travels.

4. Cadillac Ranch: Amarillo, Texas

Off a long, dusty highway in deep Texas, 1979, a group of artists overturned and buried halfway ten roadsters, then doused them in graffiti. They remain untouched and in good condition, slanted together in a perfectly straight row in what would normally be a cow pasture. Stop by this roadside attraction that's been mentioned in many famous movies and songs.

5. Cabazon Dinosaurs: Cabazon, California

If California weren't already exciting enough, add on these true-to-size monuments of prehistoric dinosaurs just off the main highways. Visitors can take the stairs to the top of the giant T-Rex, and take a walk inside Ms. Dinny, a 150-ton concrete dinosaur that is the largest of it's kind.

6. Enchanted Highway: Regent, North Carolina

If you're looking for a Guinness World Records kind of stop, check out Enchanted Highway, listed as the world’s largest scrap metal sculpture. Seven massive scrap metal sculptures line this 32-mile stretch of highway in southwest North Dakota, including artist Gary Greff’s massive “Geese in Flight."

7. Lucy the Elephant: Margate, New Jersey

This 130-year-old, 65-foot tall structure is one of the oldest examples of zoomorphic architecture -- aka, buildings shaped like animals! The elephant once served as a small summer cottage that visitors could spend the night in, but now visitors can take a walk inside Lucy and head up the many flights of stairs to catch a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean from her head.

8. Prada Marfa Store: Marfa, Texas

What do you expect to see on an empty stretch of a 90-mile long Texan highway? Maybe a gas station or two, a small dinner - how about a Prada store? In 2005, a group of artists installed this fake Prada store (but with the blessing of Miuccia Prada herself) to display exactly 20 left-foot shoes and six purses. Big spenders need not apply, however -- the doors are permanently locked,

9. The Fremont Troll: Seattle, WA

Under an overpass in the Freemont neighborhood of Seattle lurks a one-eyed troll statue clutching a small VW Beetle in his ferocious hands. Created in 1990 and weighing over two tons, the sculpture was initially part of a contest for urban renewal -- and it took home first prize for the popular vote.

10. World's Largest Bottle of Ketchup: Collinsville, IL

Who doesn't love condiments? The folks of Collinsville, IL clearly have a favorite. Unfortunately, it only holds water, acting as the town's water tower, but it was salvaged from a real ketchup factory in 1995. Each summer, the town celebrates its small claim-to-fame with a festival that of course includes a hot dog eating contest.