The Best Food You’ll Eat in Austin

The capital of Texas is known for a lot more than amazing live music and flagship universities, it is also well-known to many for its mouth-watering, juice-dripping, taste bud-bursting foods, from essential Texas barbecue and Tex Mex to sweets and drinks only found in Austin.

These are the Best Food You'll Ever Eat in Austin. 


Franklin Barbecue- 

It is the best. It is the finest brisket I’ve ever had.
Anthony Bourdain

Need we say more? Probably not, but we will say that the lines are long and the ordering is quick here at Franklin Barbecue, so be prepared!

La Barbeque -  Brisket, ribs, southern sandwiches and sides greet you at La Barbeque, the bbq trailer that is uniquely also partnered with a Texas local convenience store.

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Micklethwait Craft Meats - Another well-known local bbq trailer that serves up all the classic smoked and barbecued meats, particularly specializing in smoked sausage.

Tex Mex -

Joe's Bakery and Mexican Food - Joe's first opened in Austin's east side in 1969 and has been serving up fine Tex Mex diner classics ever since. House-made tortillas, beans and eggs, and breaded pork chops, this place has a little bit of everything.

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Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ - A south Austin bbq trailer staple serves all the bbq you'd expect from Austin, but with a Tex Mex twist. Enjoy brisket topped with guac and salsa and a side of smoked corn!

Matt's El Rancho - Matt's El Rancho is certainly a city favorite for classic Tex Mex, an apparent favorite here being the Bob Armstrong Dip, with queso, taco meat, guac, and pico!

Only in Austin -

Texas Chili Parlor - Classic Texas chili, ranging from mild to tear-producing in heat, plus Tex Mex classics and refreshing cocktails in an essentially Texas setting. 

Top Notch - Have you ordered the fried chicken from Top Notch? Well, it would be a lot cooler if you did, this Dazed and Confused classic eatery serving up iconic Austin Tx fried chicken and of course, classic cheeseburgers.

Hoover's Cooking -  You will find all the southern comfort food staples here at Hoover's Cooking, the 'Texas grown and farm fresh' local eatery serving up pork ribs, chicken fried steak, and classic southern sides.

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Nau's Enfield Drug - It doesn't get much more classic Austin than this, Nau's Enfield Drug being a community favorite since opening in 1951. Grab an American burger and chocolate malt from the soda fountain and enjoy the nostalgia in this old-school pharmacy setting.

Desert -

Tiny Pies - This Austin desert business has been family owned and operated since opening in 2011, the specialty shop serving up small batches of handheld sweet and savory pies of all sorts, the ingredients used being locally sourced.

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Churro Co - Churros, churros, churros! This place is a churro-lovers haven, a sweet snack paradise claiming a spot in the hearts of all visitors. For something a little more out of the ordinary try the apple cider float or Mexican iced hot chocolate with your churro!

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Gourdoughs - With a tagline like 'Donuts. Beer. & Cocktails', how could you not stop at Gourdoughs? This food trailer serves up the most extravagant, delicious, and unique donut creations in Austin, from the Flying Pig (bacon and maple icing) to the donut burger sandwich topped with a fried egg, this place has all your donut cravings covered!

Drinks -

Mad Dog Margarita at Texas Chili Parlor

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Austin Eastciders at The Mohawk

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Avocado Margarita at Curra's Grill

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