The Best Food You’ll Ever Eat in Chicago

What can we say about the food in the Windy City, except for wow?

The entire city of Chicago is a culinary paradise, the perfect spot for a foodie's dream weekend getaway. From iconic pastries to classic Chicago Dogs, this sparkling city is just a big cultural plate waiting to be devoured!

Here are a few of our Chicago favorites!

    • Deep Dish Pizza -

      When it comes to deep dish, delicious, and distinctive pizzas, Chicago is the place to be. Every local has their favorite pizza spot in the Windy City, too many to list here in totality, but we think these two cover the bases pretty well.

      - Lou Malnati’s - Lou’s pizzeria is a city classic, literally. The Malnati Chicago Classic pizza is not disappointing anyone with its distinctive lean sausage topping!
      -Giordano’s - Giordano’s is another classic pizza joint in Chicago, this one iconic for its ooey-gooey stuffed crust.

    • Chicago Dog -

      Of course, the Chicago Dog is a must-try while in the city, where else are you going to find a more authentic hot dog eating experience? Those poppy seed buns are calling your name...

      -Superdawg - We love this place because it’s simple, it’s iconic, and it serves up some of the tastiest Chicago Dogs we’ve ever tried!
      -Gene and Judes - No ketchup, extra-plump hot dogs, and fries on top of it all...Gene and Judes has really got the Chicago Dog thing perfected to an art.
      -Hot Doug’s - Simple, snappy, juicy. The meat here alone will sell you on the dog, then you add in the always fresh toppings and no-nonsense service, this place is unstoppable.

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    • Popcorn -

      Everybody loves popcorn, but not everybody lives in Chicago and can try the best...

      - Garrett Popcorn - This Illinois snack food staple may actually beat out the Chicago Dog or Deep Dish Pizza for popularity, the Caramel Crisp with Cheese Corn ‘Garrett Mix’ a top seller for the whole city since 1949.

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    • Italian Beef -

      Chicagoans really love their Italian Beef, and the city-wide high selection of beefy eateries shows that point well! The only problem with choosing the best: they are all so good!

      - Portillo’s - Portillo’s is well known for its Chicago Dogs, but we think their Italian Beef blows them out of the water! Get it wet or dry, you’ll like it either way!
      -Al’s - Talk about a Chicago classic, the dipped Italian Beef sandwiches at Al’s are so good, topped with sweet or hot peppers, that they’ve been selling out since 1938!

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    • Nachos -

      Nachos are great everywhere, but you haven’t really had great nachos until you’ve had them from a baseball cap...

      - Wrigley Field - Chicagoans love their Cubs, and the Cubs love their nachos! If you happen to catch a game while in town be sure to order the Wrigley Field Nachos, the tasty treat served from your very own Cubs cap!

    • Pastries -

      There are SO MANY delicious and unique pastries to try within the sparkling skyline of Chicago, it’s hard to know where to start. Any of the three below will not disappoint, we promise!

      - Chicago Bagel Authority - The proof is all in the name, Chicago Bagel Authority serving up the tastiest bagels in the entire city. For a savory lunchtime treat try the Dirty Swede, it is game-changing.
      - Ann Sather’s - Ann Sather’s Cinnamon Rolls are classic to locals, something you really must try if you have a sweet tooth! ‘Pillowy, made from scratch, and glazed to perfection…’(Thrillist).
      -Stan’s Doughnut - Stan’s has some stiff competition with the hip Glazed and Infused shop across town, but Stan’s also has something they don’t: the Nutella Pocket, the puffy doughnut pastry filled with Nutella and bananas. You’re welcome.

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    • Gelato/Ice Cream -

      From the most innovative gelatos to some of the oldest ice cream cones around, Chicago knows it’s creamy desserts well!

      -Rainbow Cone - More than a Chicago classic for 9 decades, the Rainbow Cone is an ice cream original, a pioneer in the cone world. The iconic cone here on the South Side is famously stacked with orange sherbet, chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House (vanilla and cherries), and pistachio ice cream.
      - Black Dog - Gelato from Black Dog is delicious no matter what flavor you get, but the funky flavors are what always draws us in. Our new obsession? Goat Cheese Caramel Cashew gelato. Trust us, try it!

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