The Best Food You’ll Ever Eat In San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the hottest foodie-friendly cities in the U.S, the city serving up some of the most unique and delicious bites around California.

Here are our top choices around the city!

Bakery -

Tartine Bakery - For excellent freshly baked breads and delicious pastries in San Francisco you need to head to Tartine Bakery, the bakery, coffee shop, roastery, restaurant, bar, and ice creamery all in one. The ingredients here are organic and the lunches lean more to the healthy side, with plenty of fresh hot-pressed sandwich options for brunch and lunch. You are probably going to want to take a loaf of bread home after trying a slice, the varieties including sesame, walnut, country, olive, and Danish rye.

Devil's Teeth Baking Co. - Breakfast sandwiches that will knock your socks off await at Devil's Teeth, the spot that serves up baked daily bread, sweets, pastries, and lunch to hordes of locals daily. Some popular favorites here are the sourdough bread and Sunday beignets, though you truly can't beat the classic breakfast sandwich with a freshly baked biscuit, cheese, eggs, avocado, aioli, and applewood smoked bacon.

Mexican -

La Taqueria - The 'best burrito in America'? Yes, please! La Taqueria is a Mission eatery landmark serving Mexican staples, a popular spot that has been in business for over 40 years now. Inside you will find the piece de resistance, the traditional rice free burrito that has everybody raving. You can also find the classics, like tacos and quesadillas. Not only is the food here great, but it's also extremely affordable!

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Taqueria El Castillito - El Castillito is another amazing Mexican eatery option, this spot popular for their hefty burritos. The carnitas, tacos, quesadillas, and even tortilla chips here are better than the average, and the Mexican beer selection is quite expansive. Many locals believe this spot is highly underrated, the massive and delicious portions well worth the trip.

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Classic San Fran -

Brenda's French Soul Food - One of San Francisco's most popular soul food stops is Brenda's French Soul Food, a bountiful 'Big Easy' bites spot. You can have hearty breakfasts, Creole classic lunches, and Croque Monsieur dinners here, just be sure you try to get away with a crawfish beignet before you go. Sunday Suppers and 'in between' meals are popular here, this southern classic spot with NOLA twists definitely a foodie stop you're going to want to make.

Nopa - With new fresh menus weekly and the local title of 'best burger in the city', this Bay area classic is a great spot for seasonal delights and always great organic food options. The 2-story eating space holds an open-air kitchen, offering a chance to take a peak at the wood-fired stove inside. What could be better than locally focused and really delicious cuisine San Francisco style?

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Tommy's Joynt - A city classic known for its homestyle buffet German style, Tommy's Joynt is a great spot to get one thing done perfectly: carved meat. This German Hofbrau eatery serves up turkey, pastrami, brisket, ham, and of course, the famous melt in your mouth corned beef, the meats all served by walking meat carvers. This is one of San Francisco's longest living German eateries, first opened in 1947. Did we mention how affordable this no-nonsense spot is?

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High-End -

House of Prime Rib - Can you guess what the special here is? That's right, excellent prime rib! This 30-year-old roast beef hot spot only asks 4 questions: desired meat temperature, desired cut thickness, mashed or loaded baked potato, and martini or Manhattan. How much easier can you get? Enjoy side salads, spinach, and Yorkshire pudding to boot!

State Bird Provisions - The small but seriously delicious bites you will find here at State Bird Provisions are served 'dim-sum' style, allowing you to try many different exciting dishes during your visit. You can get several different types of food here, from pancakes to tofu, each dish with a unique State Bird Provisions flavor. It would be hard to come here without actually trying the California state bird provision, the mouth-watering fried quail.

Foreign Cinema - Excellent local California-Mediterranian style eats await at one of the most unique and inventive spots to eat in San Francisco, Foreign Cinema. This spot serves up popular dishes in a fun outdoor setting, the eatery also screening nightly outdoor films. Romantic, fun, and amazingly decorated, Foreign Cinema is a stop you are certainly going to want to make during your visit, foodies!

 Leo's Oyster Bar - There are several different oyster bars throughout the San Francisco area, but none seem to taste quite as good as Leo's Oyster Bar, one of the most popular city spots to enjoy a delicious raw bar and a wide variety of cocktails. Pig out on fresh oysters, clams, and crab legs during your visit, each option always served fresh! Some popular favorites to try include the lobster roll and oyster carbonara, or perhaps you can just head to the Champagne room for the famed 'Liquid Lunch'. If the food here doesn't sell you, the general old school atmosphere filled with new school glamor certainly will.

Desert -

Bi-Right Creamery - A Mission staple for quite some time now, Bi-Right Creamery is the spot to get ice cream in San Francisco. This spot serves up ice cream scoops, sandwiches, and signature sundaes to large crowds daily, the store rotating two different soft serve flavors each day. The ice cream titles are witty and unique, and the flavors are out of this world and super creamy. Try the most popular salted caramel flavor, or perhaps head to the bakery side of things for some organic delights.

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