Fresh Find Friday: The Expert Vagabond

This week we are featuring one of our newest favorites in the travel vlogging world, the Expert Vagabond.

This highly popular travel blogging page and YouTube travel vlog are run by Matthew Karston, a travel and photography junkie. Matthew presents a plethora of really interesting travel info, images, videos, and tips, he himself truly being an expert after 7 years of 'vagabonding' around the world. During this 7 years (2010-2017), Matthew was able to visit over 50 countries and bring back an unbelievable amount of information and experiences from each!

Now Matthew resides in the U.S with his partner, Anna Everywhere, though they still travel for about half of the year each year.

Here are some key points to take away from the Expert Vagabond:

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive.

Adventure is worthwhile.

The world isn’t as dangerous as you think. 

**The Expert Vagabond is a proud TBEX attendee.

Crazy helicopter flight over Manhattan with no doors on. Awesome photography views hanging from a harness! One of the coolest ways to see New York City. ▬

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