Fresh Find Friday: Student Travel

We have something a little less location-focused and a lot more student-focused for this week's Fresh Find Friday feature, our last video blog share of 2016!

This week we wanted to highlight a new YouTube vlogger we found and fell in love with, as well as a particular age group for traveling: students. The video we chose from Sabina (Girl vs Globe) applies to mostly college students, but also to high school students both from the U.S and internationally.

We believe, and we think Sabina agrees, that travel during your educational years is extremely important, which is why we love this tip giving blog so much! Here are a few takeaways from the video that you need to ensure you have the most budget-friendly and safe travel adventures in 2017: take advantage of ISIC card, get a job with your university to help save travel funds, study abroad or take a semester at sea.

Hi, I'm Sabina aka Girl vs Globe! This channel is all about TRAVEL, FASHION and FOOD - if you like any of the above, you've come to the right place 😀

I'm a full-time blogger at so feel free to check me out over there as well!

PS: New videos every FRIDAY!

To learn more about Girl Vs Globe, click here.
To learn more about student travel, visit our student-oriented sister site here.

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