Destination Accommodation: 8 Oddest U.S Hotels

We've gathered a list of what we believe to be the absolute oddest hotels within the U.S, a list of eight different places throughout the country that will catch your attention, in one way or another. From staying the night underwater to staying the night in a beagle, you've really got some odd choices to make!

    1. Queen Mary - Long Beach, CA

      What was once a world-class ocean liner, as well as a military vessel, is today one of our top choices for unique U.S hotels! The Queen Mary is a famous historic, gorgeous, and massive ship located in Long Beach that today features 346 first-class suites 9 luxury suites, and 3 award-winning restaurants all across 3 different decks!

      Rooms - 355
      Style - Art Deco (1930’s)
      Conception Date- 1930 - Construction, 1967 - Ocean Liner
      Bonuses - Diana: Legacy of a Princess guided tour, haunted tours
      Cost - $150 

    2. Jules Undersea Lodge - Key Largo, FL

      One of the absolute most unique hotels in the entire world is here in Florida, just 21 feet below the surface of a lagoon. This old research submarine is now a submerged lodging room, the worlds’ first of its kind. You must be a certified diver in order to get into the lodging, but once you do you will enjoy cozy quarters, music, books, movies, and even pizza delivery!

      Rooms - 1
      Style - Research lab/ marine sub
      Conception Date - 1986 - Lab, 2006 - Hotel
      Bonuses - Underwater pizza delivery for dinner, 3 hour scuba adventure
      Cost - $800 for two

    3. Wigwam Village - Holbrook, AZ

      If you are in Arizona and you want a seriously unique place to stay, you have to head to Holbrook, home of the highly popular southern Wigwam Village. This lodging experience is like camping and a Native American/ Route 66 history lesson all rolled into one, plus you still have all the amenities of a hotel room!

      Rooms - 15
      Style - Teepee + Authentic mid-century Americana
      Conception Date - 1950
      Bonuses - Classic cars and retro neon signs, (+cable in the teepee)
      Cost - $50


    4. Red Caboose Motel - Ronks, PA

      All aboard the Red Caboose Motel, located in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish farming community. This hotel is literally made up of red cabooses, a unique and historic way to see the gorgeous countryside of the historic Strasburg railroad country, as well as eat some seriously delicious local food.

      Rooms - 40 train cars
      Style - Classic Railroad
      Conception Date - 1969 - Lodging
      Bonuses - Farm to table meals, onsite interactive petting zoo, nearby train museum
      Cost - $95


    5. Heceta Head Lighthouse - Cape Cove, OR

      Have you ever wanted to know what goes on at the top of a lighthouse? Well, now you can spend the night in one in Oregon at the Heceta Head Lighthouse, a real working lighthouse that serves doubly as a popular B&B.

      Rooms - 6
      Style - Antique
      Conception Date - Lighthouse - 1894
      Bonuses - National Register of Historic Places, spectacular views, fireplaces
      Cost - $230

    6. Beckham Creek Cave - Parthenon, AR

      One of the more natural solutions for lodging in the U.S can be found within the Ozarks of Arkansas, specifically in the city of Parthenon. Enjoy staying in a room with cavernous ceilings, rock walls, and even natural waterfalls!

      Rooms - 4 (+ shared kitchen, main room, rec room)
      Style -Flintstones
      Conception Date - Unknown
      Bonuses - Mountain biking, elk watching, and nearby river recreation (AMAZING VIEWS)
      Cost - $1600 total, $400/room

    7. Dog Bark Park Inn - Cottonwood, ID

      Talk about unique, how about staying the night in the ‘largest beagle in the world’, literally? This dog oriented Idaho B&B allows guests to really appreciate their inner dog lover, the entire establishment complete with dog-shaped cookies, soaps, and even pillows.

      Rooms - 1
      Style - Dog, just dog everything
      Conception Date - 2003
      Bonuses - Onsite gallery, homemade breakfast, dogs allowed
      Cost - $98


    8. Turpentine Creek - Eureka Springs, AR

      If you’re more of a cat person, you’ll want to hold out for this next odd U.S hotel option, the Turpentine Creek Refuge. Here you can sleep within feet of big cats such as lions, tigers, one bear (oh, my) leopards, and cougars in your bungalow or treehouse, right off of the refuge property! 

      Rooms - 5 lodges, 2 suites, 1 treehouse
      Style - Safari
      Conception Date - 1992 (Wildlife Refuge)
      Bonuses - Habitat tours, educational programs, animal feedings
      Cost - $175