8 Extraordinary Photos You Need to Take in Charleston

Charleston is a city filled with the most pleasant mixture of history, natural beauty, and southern charm. Cobblestone streets are lined with vibrant works of architecture, while Civil War-era forts and cannons dot the landscape of the gorgeous harbor.

This city is one of the United States' most gorgeous spots to visit, and some say the absolute most gorgeous cities on the east coast, so of course, you are going to take tons of photos while you are here.

A little heads-up before you go: these are the must-stop, most photographed, most beautiful spots in the city! Plan accordingly!

Charleston Pixabay Public Domain

  • Patriot's Point
    This is one of the most visited, most historic, and most photographed spots in all of Charleston, and for good reason! This Maritime Museum is located within the mouth of the Cooper River on the Charleston Harbor, giving excellent views in any direction.
  • Battery Park
    The Battery itself is a landmark defensive seawall that is highly photographed, as are the surrounding cannons, oak trees, statues, and incredible views of Fort Sumter.
  •  Waterfront Park
    This is the most visited park in Charleston, the spot offering great views of the Harbor, onsite gardens, walking paths, and of course, the gorgeous featured 'Pineapple' Fountain.

    Pineapple Fountain Pixabay Public Domain

  • Magnolia Plantations and Gardens
    Founded in 1676 by the Drayton family, this plantation has survived centuries on this land and witnessed so many key points in this state's, and nation's history. Not to mention, it is hands-down the most gorgeous spot in the city.
  • Heyward Washington House
    This Georgian-style double house serves as a historic landmark, museum, and local must-stop spot all in one. This is certainly one of the most captured architectural features of the city.
  • Rainbow Row
    This is one of the most vibrant sites to take in in Charleston, literally! Rainbow Row is a series of thirteen colorful historic houses representing the longest cluster of Georgian row houses in the nation.
  • Fort Sumter
    Walking around the historic grounds of Fort Sumter you will see another one of the most photographed spots in the city, the five replica flags representing the timeline of the civil war, these flags flying here at the fort from 1861 to 1865.

    Charleston Fort Pixabay Public Domain

  • Folly Beach
    Folly Beach is one of the most visited seaside spots in the city, the beach and island area offering one of the most picturesque piers on the east coast, stretching more than 1,000 feet into the ocean.