8 Extraordinary Photos You Need to Take in the Black Hills

Naturally beautiful, massively historic, and surprisingly photogenic, the Black Hills of South Dakota is truly a sight to see, both in person and with your camera. This is one of Group Tours' newer locations that we are highly excited about, especially when it comes to the landmark spots and sites throughout the whole area. Capture native wildlife, gorgeous panoramas within the parks and forests, historic landmarks internationally-known, and even wild west wonders!

Here are our top eight choices for photography hotspots!

  • Rush to Rushmore.
    There is absolutely no way you can visit the Black Hills, or South Dakota in general, without stopping at Mt. Rushmore, one of the most photogenic national monuments in the nation. Say hi to George for us!

    Black and white of Mount Rushmore National Monument, South Dakota. Stockfresh

  • Go Crazy Horse.
    Crazy Horse is a mountain embedded monument massively impressive in two ways: it is still under construction, first started in 1948, and it is also just that; massive!

    Crazy Horse Pixabay Public Domain

  • Custer State Parking.
    Zoom over and get a spot at Custer State Park, one of the most naturally beautiful areas in all of the Black Hills (in our opinion, at least). Clear mountain waters, open ranges, and wildlife galore await you and your camera!

    Custer State Park Pixabay Public Domain

  • Pactola Lake Bliss.
    Find your inner zen, or unleash your inner recreation junkie and make your way to Lake Pactola, a seriously scenic and fun spot to capture the moment.

  • Ride the Central Railroad. 
    The Black Hills Central Railroad, or 1880 Railroad, is a steam locomotive that proves to be one of the most photogenic landmark experiences in the area! Get a shot from the sidelines, or take a two-hour ride yourself!

  • Be Bad[lands].
    This is another one of those 'you have to see it' sites, the Badlands an iconic and absolutely stunning natural site just east of the Black Hills. Talk about amazing views!

    Badlands Pixabay Public Domain

  • Get Wild Wild Western.
    A local historic city within the area, Deadwood is home to some of the most notorious Wild West legends around, so be sure to stop here and get your shots of the local saloons, historic sites, and old brothels!

    Deadwood Pixabay Public Domain

  • Head Underground.
    There are several extremely snap-worthy underground spots in the Black Hills, our two favorites being Rushmore Cave and Thunderhead Underground Falls. Both involve some minor spelunking and cave hiking, so bring your heavy-duty camera!

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