Whale Watching Seattle


Credit Mike Velasquez

Whale Watching Seattle

Being on the coast, Seattle receives quite a bit of tourism for its proximity to the ocean and the cool beauty of the Pacific Northwest, among other things. A beloved attraction in the waters off of Washington state is the marine life. Take a charter boat into the open sea and see the majestic water creatures in their natural habitat, not surrounded by an aquarium tank or trained by zookeepers. Be part of the whale watching tours and experience more than the normal tour. Experience life in the wild, open ocean.

Feel the sea spray on your face as you witness whales surface the ocean and sea lions playing in the bay. Be a part of the day-long tours that lead you around Whidbey Island, through Deception Pass, and into the San Juan Islands. Here you will experience an abundance of wildlife from the smallest scallop to giant marine mammals. Every tour is narrated by trained experts with interesting information on biology, ecology, and conservation practices on all of the species you are bound to see.

See native whales including Gray Whales, Minke Whales, Orcas and Transient Orca Whales rise and dive below the waves. Spot other species, native and migratory, such as the Dall’s Porpoise, Harbor Seals, Stellar and California Sea Lions, the Giant Pacific Octopus, Salmon Geoducks, or even sea stars, barnacles, and scallops closer to shore. Observe the bird life as bald eagles and ospreys hunt for food in the waters and great blue herons scrounge along the sands with black oystercatchers.

Everyone in your group is sure to enjoy spotting a beautiful Gray Whale as it rises from the depths and splashes down in a playful jump. Charter boats large and small depending on your group size. Some charters even cater to special occasions and more.

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