Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest

Nevada Wilderness

Nevada Wilderness - Photo Credit

Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest

Encompassing over 6.3 million acres within Nevada and eastern California, the Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest is the largest national forest in the lower 48, comprised of over 10 different major ranger stations throughout. That’s an astonishing total of 13 counties covered in Nevada, 6 in California!

As the principal U.S National Forest of Nevada, this spot is filled to the brim with fun outdoor recreation options, from camping and hiking to snowmobiling and skiing. There are so many access points to the forest and so many things to do within the forest, that we can guarantee to find an activity perfect for your group!

Humboldt Toiyabe, or H-T, got its name from naturalist Baron Von Humboldt upon discovery by John C. Fremont, and Toiyabe comes from an ancient Shoshone word meaning mountain. The space the forest covers is so massive it is hard to pinpoint exactly what you will see during your visit, but we can tell you a few highlights!

To the east, you will find Quinn Canyon Wilderness, a spot popular for its canyons and peaks, the latter of which reach up to 10,000 feet. To the west, you will find Mokelumne Wilderness, this area popular for its tall volcanic peaks, a wide variety of plants, and deeply cut river canyons (these are just two of around 20 different ‘wilderness areas’ within). Throughout the entire forest, you can explore between 80,000 and 100,000 prehistoric and historic archaeological sites, from rock and cave engravings to 19th-century mine towns. Also throughout the entire forest, you will find countless hiking trails, campsites, horseback trails, and in the winter months, ski slopes and trekking trails.

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