Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Point Lobos is hands down one of the most scenic, enchanting, and all around stunning attractions you will encounter in the United States. A jewel in the crown of California state parks, Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is a wonderland by sea and by land.

Unmatched diving opportunities, brilliant hiking and biking trails through forested canyons and wildflower strewn valleys, historic landmarks and the best spots for avid photographers, are but a few of the attractive qualities of Point Lobos. All year long, Point Lobos is a prime destination for wildlife watching, particularly in the sky and sea. Winter brings with it the gray whale migrations off the California coast though you can spot, in the open sea, orcas, seals and sea lions, elephant seals and more all year long. Point Lobos is also a bird watcher's paradise, with hundreds of species passing through or making Central California their permanent home. Some prevalent species include Anna's hummingbird, scrub jays, red-tailed hawks, chestnut-backed chickadee, and many more.

Wildlife watching is but one fascinating aspect of Point Lobos, and something that can be done whilst enjoying the many recreational opportunities. Hiking is a popular choice, but one cannot forget to indulge in the cerulean waves for some quality diving. Part of the Point Lobos State Nature Reserve includes a National Marine Sanctuary protecting some of the most varied underwater wildlife in the United States.

Visitors to the park also get the added benefit of visiting the historic Whalers Cabin Museum. The cabin was utilized by Japanese and Chinese fishermen in the mid-19th century, hunting whales as a prosperous career. The cabin itself has been restored and next door, the museum showcases the interesting history behind the economy of whaling, as well as the environmental impact.

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is everything you could dream of in a park. Beautiful, calming, peaceful, full of history, and most importantly, full of life. Be inspired with a visit to Point Lobos and your group will thank you.

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