Voodoo Doughnuts

 If you have a serious sweet tooth, are a foodie who loves unique desserts, or just plain love doughnuts then you’re going to love this next stop at the famous Portland-original bakery, Voodoo Doughnuts. This doughnut paradise was created by Kenneth Pogson and Tres Shannon, a Portland iconic attraction that draws lines of hungry customers daily and sends them away with satisfied stomachs and attitudes.

Located in Old Town/Chinatown, this funky, rustic, and youthful establishment will allow your group to see the ‘kooky essence’ of Portland, a side not many tourists see face to face. The two owners of this fine doughnut-filled establishment first travelled to Cali to learn the trade, you know, the throwing the flour, rolling the pin, learning the sweet ‘flip’, and then sent for special Voodoo Oil from the South. Ever since then the cash-only establishment has gained an impressive amount of international fans and followers, aided generously by ample national and local TV coverage. In fact, Voodoo Doughnuts has been featured on the Food Network, Travel Channel, and countless local news videos and articles.

These ‘avant-garde doughnuts’ will come with some very unique designs, themes, and even packaging, each order sent out in those iconic pink boxes you’ll see littering the local parks trashcans and dumpsters. You’ll have to try the most popular doughnuts, such as the Pot Hole Doughnut (Oreo), Bacon Maple, Portland Cream (Boston who?), and of course, Voodoo Doughnut (raspberry jelly filled and pretzel poked). There are several more delicious choices, with new ones being invented (or designed) monthly. Try the Captain my Captain (Cap’n Crunch cereal), Marshal Mathers M&M, Bubble Gum, El Diablo (yes, it’s spicy), or Rapper’s Delight (you’re gonna be down with OPD after this). You can spend your time trying the ‘big doughnut challenge’ or perhaps opt to learn a little bit more about the company and its humble roots, complete with stories of health department shut-downs with doughnut experiments such as NyQuil and Pepto dusted. Our advice? Though the lines are wretchedly long, stick it out, it will be well worth it.unnamed (1)

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