Valentine’s Day in Hawaii

Valentine’s Day in Hawaii

Valentine’s Day is the absolute perfect time to travel to Hawaii, and that's not only because of its inherently romantic scenery and activities everywhere you look. No, Hawaii on Valentine's Day is also great for travelers because the weather is great, the flight costs are low, and the crowd level is thin! All of these factors together make this destination our #1 pick for Valentine's Day Travel!

Even in February, the weather is pleasantly warm at the beaches with average daytime high temperatures ranging from about 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Nighttime low temperatures near the beaches range from around 63 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit on average. - GoHawaii
  • Average February 14th Temperature: 80
  • Average Flight Cost to Hawaii in February: Below Average, though Hotel costs are slightly above average.
  • Average Crowd Level in Hawaii in February: Low
The number of visitors coming to Hawaii in February is below average as a whole. The only exception is that Valentine’s Day can be a popular time to visit Hawaii. We’ve been in Hawaii for Valentine’s Day a number of times and we only really felt it being crowded during a Waikiki stay. - Sheila Beal

So what can you actually do on Valentine’s Day in Hawaii? Here are our top 10 choices for excellent Valentine’s Day dates on the Big Island!

  • Beach Picnic - Nothing beats watching the sunset on a sandy beach, especially in Hawaii! It’s almost as if the sunsets in Hawaii are just a notch better than anywhere else, a truly romantic setting for a perfect Valentine’s Day date. Grab some cheeses, fruits, crackers, wine, and of course your sweetheart, and head to a secluded beach spot for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day in Hawaii!

    **Several beaches in Hawaii have resorts with massage services beachside as well, something to consider to end your picture-perfect evening.

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  • Bed and Breakfast - Bed and Breakfasts are abundant in Hawaii, so it won’t be hard to find the perfect one for you and your significant other while here! There is an intimate quality about Bed and Breakfasts that ring perfect for Valentine’s Day plans, especially when the bed has views of the gorgeous Hawaiian island and the breakfast is locally sourced. This is an extremely romantic and relaxing option for any couple!
  • Dinner Out - Making reservations for dinner out in Hawaii is just slightly less annoying than making them anywhere else, because hey, you’re eating dinner out in Hawaii! Choose from any of the seemingly endless eateries on the island offering Valentine’s dinner specials, our favorite option the MW Restaurant in Oahu, with a special, fairly affordable ($130) local Valentine’s Day Tasting Menu.
    *See the Tasting Menu.
  • Spa Day - Sometimes all you both really need is some old fashioned rest and relaxation, which is not hard to find in this tropical Pacific paradise. Most, if not all, resorts near the beach offer massage services, plus there are actual spas you can visit throughout the islands. Head to Moana Lani Spa or Spa Pure in Honolulu for an extra special day together!
  • Chocolate Tasting - Who doesn’t like chocolate? Better yet, who doesn’t like sampling tons of different kinds of chocolate? Not very many people, especially when it’s Valentine’s Day, and especially in Hawaii. In Kailua, you can visit Manoa Chocolate Hawaii and see how the chocolate is made, bean to bar, as well as taste several different local varieties. This is romantic and delicious!
  • Luau -  If you’re in Hawaii and you don’t want to attend an authentic luau you’re crazy, especially with all the amazing Valentine’s Day Luau specials! You can head to the Royal Hawaiian Theatre for a dinner package to Rock-a-Hula, a funny, Gaga, and Elvis-filled dinner date, or you can head to the Aha’aina Royal Hawaiian Luau for a more traditional take on the event!
    When in Rome, right? Right!
  • Sunset Cruise - This option makes us melt just thinking about it, that perfect moment cruising in the salty ocean breeze with the one you love, watching the golden pink sunset over the waves... Yeah, we don’t really need to explain this one any further. There will be countless sunset cruise options in Hawaii, especially on Valentine’s Day, though we suggest Atlantis Cruises or Star of Honolulu Cruises for an optimal evening out together.
  • Horseback Riding - Horseback riding is a romantic beach activity on any day, so grabbing a Valentine’s Day package to do so with your honey


    while the sunsets will be particularly romantic. You can choose options to take lessons beforehand or you can just go get at it, a picnic stop by the ocean an always-great idea to perfect your plans!

  • Volcano Viewing - This option is an exclusive Hawaiian treat, with unbeatable scenery including lava fields, rivers, and dormant volcanoes dotting the landscape. So how can you use this to take your steaming hot romance to the next level? Go view steaming hot scenery together! The hike will be intimate, the views will be romantic, and your whole evening will turn out to be, well, very hot! Kilauea Volcano is a great option, with a tropical rainforest lining the hike out.
  • Sweetheart Rock - Sweetheart Rock is a Lanai landmark, also known as Pupeh, on Hulopoe Bay Beach. The story goes that two star-crossed lovers met here often, and when one passed away she was buried nearby, while the other jumped to their death. Maybe the story is tragic, but the scenery and atmosphere of this spot is anything but.