Travel Predictions Based on the 2015 Farmer’s Almanac

The Farmer’s Almanac periodical premiered in 1792 and has since been depended on by many for folklore, trivia, astronomical data, gardening, cooking, fishing and farming tips as well as most importantly: long-range weather forecasts. The exact formula for these predictions is heavily guarded by the publication, and the odds of accuracy are about the same as flipping a coin to some, while others swear by it. Robert B. Thomas, the founder of the Almanac, devised the formula with heavy influence from solar science, meteorology, and climatology. If your group leader is a believer in this American tradition, then read on!

The Farmer’s Almanac divides the United States into 18 regions. Based on the most popular vacation spots our concerns are Florida in Region 5, California in Region 16 and New York in Region 2. From sand and surf to Central Park, we’re breaking down the peak travel season ahead just for you!

This year’s summary for Region 5 looks like summer will bring above-average temperatures, especially in June through the end of August. Those travel groups on the road in mid-July better pack umbrellas as the prediction calls for a tropical storm threat! However, if your group can’t get away until after the summer ends, look for warmer than normal temperatures even in September and October from Miami all the way up to Jacksonville. If the rain will put a damper on your trip, the forecast states that rainfall will be below normal in the northern region of Florida, and above normal in the south. The hurricane threat reaches its peak in the second half of September.

Region 16 in the Pacific Southwest has been suffering from a drought for quite some time. However, travelers can look forward to a normal, cool summer! If your team prefers the heat, plan your group trip for the second half of June in the central valley near Fresno. If your itinerary takes you sun-worshippers to the southern coast by San Diego, your hottest month to travel is going to vary. We recommend late June, early August, or the second half of September. For the northern coast alongside the bustling city of San Francisco, expect the heatwave in the second half of June, early August and the middle of September.

Finally, The Empire State! Groups on their way to Region 2 in the Atlantic Corridor this year can look forward to a dry, hot summer vacation aside from one tropical storm threat in the first half of August. A relief after the dry spring and summer months! Slather on the sunblock if you plan to be outdoors in early June, the second half of July or the first half of August this year. If your tour group intends to hit the east coast in September or October, you can still expect warmer than average temperatures with the normal amount of rainfall for this region!

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