Travel Friendly Energy Bars: Recipes for Everyone

Travel Friendly Energy Bar RecipesNot all energy bars are created equal, and unless you can decipher what’s on the labels, chances are you could be making better choices. Whether you’re crammed in a car, on a plane or aboard a train, you don’t have to be an athlete to understand the importance of proper nutrition to make the most of your travels! For shelf-stable, everyone-friendly, yummy bars, continue reading below!

1.) Allergy-Free Energy Bites

We chose this recipe because it is easy to modify for a personal taste! Substitute the blueberries for cranberries, add pecans, trade muesli for oats, sprinkle in a handful of chocolate morsels, take your pick! Made as instructed, these energy balls are free of gluten, dairy, and nuts.

2.) Chewy Chocolate Energy Bites

What doesn’t sound delicious about chewy chocolate? This is the ideal choice for travelers with a sweet tooth! These are simple to put together with chopped dates, honey, vanilla extract, a cup of oats, unsweetened cocoa powder and some chocolate chips! A great excuse to indulge!

3.) Lemon Kissed Blondie Bites

If gluten is out, and soy, and sugar, then this zesty option is great for you! Again, we find the dates put to work here in the food processor. For a firmer version, add a couple more tablespoons of rolled oats! Plan on a double batch because everyone will be a fan!