Travel Apps You Can’t Leave Home Without

When your tour group is on the go there’s no time to be lost in translation. From SPF necessity predictors for sunny regions to places in the vicinity to park (preferably free to park in), your trip is that much simpler to make the most of with these gotta have ‘em apps we’ve picked out for you below!


1. CHIMANI’s National Parks for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android platforms

This is more than a bundle of pretty pictures of parks around the country, this one comes with a professional voiceover tour, 12 months worth of sunrise, sunset and tidal data, moon phases, park ranger tours throughout the seasons, a passport builder to track your travels, national park symbols and what they mean (like Raft Launch, Viewpoint or Amphitheather), professional maps, trail finder and anything else you could imagine needing to steer your group’s journey through Chimani parks!


2. iTranslate for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android platforms

Who needs the stress of fumbling through bulky pocket language guides that leave more to be desired when all you want is to know where the bathroom is? With iTranslate your travel team is covered in over 60 languages! Everything from Azerbaijani to Yiddish and beyond makes you all language experts at the drop of a hat! This universal translation genie surpasses its competitors with voice recognition, suggestions, meanings and optional landscape mode for big screen convenience!


3. Washington, DC: A to Z for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

You’ve always heard that the best way to get to know a new place is to meet the locals. Now you can do it without fear of stranger danger with this handy app on hand! Programmed by a DC regular who’s been documenting the best of the city for nearly three decades walks you through everything from the perfect mint julep to vegetarian friendly restaurants. 22 neighborhoods, 67 restaurants, 43 nightlife venues, shopping options and over 125 attractions packed into one all-out guide!


4. Exit Strategy for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

If your travel mates have never been to a big city before, getting from A to B by subway can be downright nerve racking. Featured in the NY Times, NY Post, NY Mag and other established publications makes vouching for this nifty app a snap! Combining neighborhood street maps, five boroughs worth of bus maps, address ranges, exit locations, transfer spots, elevators, doorways, hours of operation for exit ways, it even tells you where to stand on the train so that upon reaching the subway stations you will already be ahead of the game standing right before the exit! Need more? Exit Strategy goes so far as to display which side of the train the door is going to open on and all without internet connection or phone service!