Travel Accessories Every Woman Needs

When you're on your group tour, you're going to want to look and feel your best. But sometimes traveling with all of your favorite beauty products can be difficult. These gadgets make your group travel adventure even better by minimizing worry and headaches.

Protective bra case. A molded cup bra has become a staple in every lady's wardrobe these days. I used to use socks and undershirts to try and provide support for the cups when I had to pack my bras. Discovering these protective cases was like discovering sliced bread. It's the perfect solution to save your expensive undergarments from being smashed in your suitcase.

Lay n' go cosmetic bag. It's a fact: you have to have a cosmetic bag when you're traveling. But it can be extremely frustrating to dig through your bag as you search for the next product in your makeup process. You end up spending more time looking than you do apply makeup. The lay n' go bag fixes this problem. It opens up flat so you can find everything right away. Then all you have to do is cinch it back up when you're done. It's a genius.

Refillable travel perfume bottle. Traveling with your favorite perfume could be a hassle. Your bottle may hold more liquid than you're permitted to carry on a flight. Plus, perfume can be pricey and there's always the risk of it being broken or leaking during travel. You can avoid these problems with a refillable travel perfume bottle.

Jewelry roll. Group travel often includes an event or two for which you might want to dress up. That means you'll probably want to take some jewelry with you on your group tour. But if you don't have a plan, your necklace may end up as a candidate for the next big puzzle challenge on a game show. A jewelry roll keeps your jewelry protected and untangled during travel.

Heat resistant flat iron travel pouch. It's inevitable that you'll have to pack away your straightener before it's fully cool. Prevent damage to anything in your suitcase with a heat resistant cover.

Disposable toilet seat covers and/or Lysol disinfectant spray. Another unknown for group travel: restrooms. You never know where you'll be when nature calls. We've all ended up in a restroom that is less than desirable. Carry a small pack of disposable toilet seat covers and a miniature can of Lysol disinfectant spray to make any restroom bearable - even port-a-potties.

With these accessories, you can be sure that your group tour will be more about seeing the sights and less about beauty catastrophes.