Top 6 Thanksgiving Destinations You’ll be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a time for family, football, and food.

It’s that magical time where your family and closest friends get together to give thanks, eat delicious turkey and mashed potatoes, and toss around the old pigskin in between big plays on the big screen.

Thanksgiving is also a time for travel.

For some, this is the perfect time of the year to get out of the house and make some unforgettable family memories on the road. These 6 Thanksgiving destinations across the nation will help you make a new holiday tradition while still allowing you to feel that warm, wonderfully festive Thanksgiving spirit!

Mayflower II - Plimoth Plantation - Plymouth, Massachusetts 

What would be a more appropriate autumn holiday tradition than to visit the site of our nation’s first Thanksgiving, here at the Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth? At the plantation, you will see and tour a full-scale reproduction of the tall ship that brought pilgrims to Plymouth in 1620, the Mayflower II. There are costumed role players and modern guides alike strewn about the ship, providing a detailed history and journey information. Learn about the Mayflower compact, American Constitutional tradition, or think about your own family immigration story. Perfect for a group of close friends or family, this living history destination will remind you what Thanksgiving is truly all about!

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade - New York City

Perhaps one of the most popular Thanksgiving Day events in the United States is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a two-hour spectacle featuring marching bands, festive floats, talented performers, entertainment stars, and those iconic gigantic balloons that serve as a centerpiece for the parade. First started in 1924, this holiday festival has become the most extravagant to date with 44 million television viewers and three million live viewers. Be sure to get here early, around 6 am, to get the best views of the streets fill up. The parade route runs from 77th and Central Park West to 7th and 34th, the entire route full of great dining and hotel options for your holiday vacation!

Kiawah Island - Golf Resort - Charleston, South Carolina 

Enjoy a true holiday vacation as you spend the weekend at the lavish Kiawah Island Golf Resort in Charleston, South Carolina. Kiawah is known for its award-winning pastry team and exquisite ballroom buffet, together making a quite delicious and serene Thanksgiving dinner. The Grand Oaks Ballroom provides seafood displays, live chef stations, holiday meats, and anything else your holiday-driven heart desires along the way! Enjoy the world-class pies, chocolate, and wines before heading out to the Jasmine porch to enjoy the crisp fall evening with live music, champagne, and turkey hors d'oeuvres. This grand holiday celebration will pamper you and make you forget the hassle of turkey day preparation, perfect for busy family getaways!

Blackberry Farm - Walland, Tennessee 

Welcome to Blackberry Farms, where the rustic fall beauty of the foothills mixes with the harvest bounty of the farm to create one of the best holiday getaways in the nation. This farm provides for your family or group a hassle-free holiday, a traditional farm fresh feast that brings old rituals together with new recipes. Take part in the farm’s many Thanksgiving Day traditions, such as the turkey fry, peanut soup picnic, and horseshoe tournament. Fine Southern hospitality and even more fine Thanksgiving appropriate food will make you want to stay until Christmas! This stop on our list makes for a great new holiday tradition.

Blacksheep Thanksgiving - Ace Hotel - Palm Springs, California 

Maybe it’s the tradition you’re looking to escape this year, in which case this Blacksheep Thanksgiving in Palm Springs, California, is the perfect destination for you. Pumpkin pie, karaoke, and warm beach sunshine await you as you take part in this grand desert feast with misfits! While you have the option to take part in the delicious Prix Fixe 3 course Thanksgiving feast, the main attraction is the desert carnival complete with DJs, jazz music, and pool party activities. Forget those nosy aunts and uncles this holiday and celebrate with all the sweets you can take, from chocolate fountains and s' mores bars to grandma-good pecan pie and pumpkin bars!

Chicago McDonald’s Parade - Chicago, Illinois 

Another explosively festive, nationally televised Thanksgiving parade exists here in Chicago, in the heart of the Windy City’s downtown State Street. This parade is Chicago’s grand holiday tradition that is entering its 81st year, originally intended for an economy and spirits booster after the Great Depression. Today this event features Santa Claus, Ronald McDonald, plus a cast of thousands including bands, entertainers, and holiday floats. You’ll even see those giant helium balloons you love, including a 50-foot turkey balloon that sends this full-scale holiday spectacle over the top! Get here early, before 8 am, to get a good spot and see all the fantastic Thanksgiving displays!