Top 11 Sights to See in Seattle

Enjoy the Pacific Northwest the best way you can, by seeing all the iconic sites the city of Seattle has to offer! Sitting on Puget Sound, Seattle is shrouded in evergreen forests, majestic mountains, and so much emerald water, it truly is a gorgeous place to be.

Not only is it naturally impressive, but it boasts a strong technology industry here too, as well as plenty of tasty coffee and amazing attractions! Here are the top 11 sights we think you need to see while visiting Seattle!

  1. Seattle Space Needle -
    There’s probably nothing more iconic in the ‘sleepless city’ of Seattle than the Seattle Space Needle, the towering 605-foot structure built for the 1962 World’s Fair. This is the #1 spot tourists flock to while visiting, the vertical spaceship-like city symbol standing above the Seattle Cultural Center. Ride the monorail from downtown to get here, a true Seattle experience!


    Seattle Pixabay Public Domain


  2. Pike Place Market -
    Built in 1907, Pike Place Market holds a special spot in many Seattleites' hearts. This year-round farmers market provides the absolute freshest local produce, cheese, flower products, and of course, seafood. Watch the ‘flying fish’ spectacle as vendors toss the salmon from ice to the stand, and make sure you save plenty of time to go downstairs to the market ‘Down Under’ and shop some more!
  3. Chihuly Garden and Glass -
    Dale Chihuly is a true artistic genius when it comes to molding glass, something you will see for yourself here at the famous Chihuly Gardens and Glass center. Enjoy over 8 galleries full of glass art mixed with surrounding trees and flowers, plus such special exhibits as the Sun, Icicle Towers, and 100 foot suspended sculpture in the Glass House. This entire establishment is within walking distance of the Space Needle, as well.
  4. Olympic Sculpture Park -
    Another really iconic spot in Seattle is the Olympic Sculpture Park, the outdoor sculpture garden that beautifully takes up 9 acres of downtown seaside bluff! Not only will you get excellent views of local art, but also of the surrounding scenery including the harbor, mountains, and Seattle skyline. Save plenty of time to go around the 1.2-mile trail here, seeing the popular red ‘Eagle’ along the way.
  5. Woodland Park Zoo -
    Where’s the best place in Washington to see hippos on an African safari? Woodland Park Zoo, that’s where. Here you will see over 1100 animals from over 300 different species found worldwide, the entire establishment winning over much national recognition for its commitment to providing the animals with their ‘true environment’. Kids will love the onsite Zoomazium, too!
  6. Museum of Flight -
    If you are a fan of flight and flight history, this is the place for you! Here you will see over 150 different historic aircraft, from the Wright Brothers to outer space exploration. You will see different historic fighter jets and Air Force One models here, as well, within the world’s largest air and space museums, and afterward, you can head 30 miles north to experience the Future of Flight Museum and Boeing Tour!
  7. Pacific Science Center -
    The Pacific Science Center is the top spot in Seattle to immerse yourself into interactive science experience, the entire establishment one big hands-on learning experience. Just at 55 years old, this science center is probably most well known for the collection of 500 specimens within the Tropical Butterfly Village (try to wear red or yellow to attract more), though all the kids typically also love the energy bicycles at Bodyworks.
  8. Waterfront Park -
    Another Seattle must-see is Waterfront Park, the downtown central staple that hosts frequent concerts, festivals, and family events. Here you can enjoy the boardwalk, sculptures and local art, ship-docking watching, and even shopping. Did we mention how beautiful the views are of both the city skyline and surrounding mountains from the pier?
  9. Experience Music Project -
    The Experience Music Project, or EMP Museum, is an award-winning oddity in Seattle that attracts hefty crowds of tourists and locals daily. EMP provides all the most fascinating exhibits in pop culture and the creative process, with everything from space stations to sci-fi. Be sure to check out the Rock section, with over 236 beautifully stained and tuned guitars!
  10. Ballard Locks -
    The Ballard Locks may collectively be the second most iconic part of Seattle, a historic transportation infrastructure built over 100 years ago with the help of former namesake to the locks, Hiram M. Chittenden. Here you will get incredible views of the essence of what is known as the Pacific Northwest, with ornamental gardens lining the views of salmon spawning grounds and boating docks.
  11. Seattle’s Great Wheel -
    Last but not least on our list is Seattle’s Great Wheel, the 175 foot Ferris Wheel located at the end of Pier 57. This carnival attraction opened in 2012, complete with 42 European style gondolas with see-thru floors and enclosed heat and air conditioning features. The best thing about this attraction? It sets 40 feet out of the pier, giving you over the water views of the sea and the Olympic Mountains!