Top 10 U.S. Travel Destinations for Senior Groups

Everyone deserves to relax and have fun every now and then and when is a better time to do so than in your golden years? Whether you are part of a church group, a group of friends, or are part of an organization, check out these carefully chosen destinations for some ideas on where to head on your next senior group getaway.

Sit back and relax!
Take a cruise to Alaska
Alaska is one of the top cruise destinations, and for good reason. The natural beauty of the Alaskan coastlines is second to none worldwide. Sit on the deck with your group and watch glaciers pass by, grizzly bears fish for salmon, and the untouched enchantment of America’s final frontier.

Visit Hawaii
Hawaii is one of those places that if you haven’t already visited, you definitely should. Known for its pristine beaches and gorgeous climate, Hawaii is the site of nearly eight million tourist visits each year. Visit the Pearl Harbor memorial, see the oozing lava at Mt. Kilauea, or simply relax on one of the many white-sand beaches with a cold drink in your hand.

Explore Florida
Orlando, Daytona, Miami...these are but a few of the destinations you may choose when visiting Florida. The Florida Everglades are a must-see when touring U.S. national parks but if what you’re searching for is a little R&R, head down to the Florida Keys and see what a perpetual summer feels like. Stop by the Bogart Film Festival, peruse the art museums, or play a round at one of Florida’s finest golf courses.

See what the U.S. has to offer!
Washington, D.C.
It would be impossible not to include our nation’s capital when mentioning historic and cultural destinations. Not only is Washington, D.C. home to sites like the Washington Monument, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial, it also boasts some of the best museums in the country. The Smithsonian is a top destination if you want to see everything from a woolly mammoth to the command module from the Apollo 11 space shuttle. Also, check out the National Gallery of Art, some of their fantastic walking tours, or stop in and see the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

New York City
Many people overlook New York’s historical significance in favor of the booming cultural metropolis that it has become. New York was the first national capital of the US and maintains many of its original features including several historically preserved buildings and gorgeous museums such as the Met and Guggenheim. Of course, when visiting New York City, one cannot pass up the opportunity to visit the shows on Broadway, take a trip to Ellis Island, or climb up the Statue of Liberty.

It is one thing to visit the memorials to those who built our great nation and another thing entirely to visit the site of its construction. Boston, Massachusetts is home to historical sites like the scene of the Boston Tea Party, the Bunker Hill Memorial where one of the first major battles for U.S. independence was fought, and Paul Revere’s house. Like New York City and Washington, D.C., Boston is also home to several excellent museums such as the Boston Athenaeum, the Salem Witch Museum, the John F. Kennedy Library, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Historical America
The oldest cities aren't necessarily the best but they have had more time to acquire some of the best attractions and history that the country has to offer. A tour of American Battlefields is highly recommended, as is a tour of colonial New England. Colonial Williamsburg or Conner Prairie in Fishers, Indiana are both incredible interactive historical sites. Many senior groups may also make it an interesting activity to visit all of the national parks and/or national monuments in the country.

Have some fun!
If you’re looking for a family-friendly version of Las Vegas, you may find it located in Missouri’s Ozarks. Branson is a top destination for groups and is often called the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World.” Home to 52 theaters and hundreds of daily attractions, Branson is never short of excitement. Go see a magic show, ride a 19th-century style paddle-wheel showboat, laugh uproariously to Yakov Smirnoff’s comedy, visit the festivals and artisans at Silver Dollar City, and more.

New Orleans
Home to the infamous Mardi Gras festival, New Orleans is one of the most exciting and colorful cities in the United States. The French Quarter and Bourbon Street are always a must-see when visiting this jewel of the south. Like many of the other cities in this list, New Orleans is also a historic city and has the landmarks and museums to match its age. A walking tour of the Garden District, a visit to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and tours of the many beautifully preserved plantations in the area are all excellent choices.

Los Angeles
No list would be complete without a trip to the golden West Coast. While California has hundreds of miles to explore and dozens of cities with must-see sites, Los Angeles tops the cake. Hollywood, tours of movie stars’ homes, the Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theatre are all top tourist attractions in this city. Disneyland, Universal Studios, the Guinness World Record Museum, and a trip to the La Brea Tar Pits are also high on the list of things to do.

Any of these U.S. destinations, and more besides, offer you and your travel group the best that this beautiful country has to offer from relaxing days at the beach to costume parties and jazz festivals on Bourbon Street. Whatever your senior travel group is searching for, you can find the perfect destination here without ever having to compromise.