Top 10 Disney Jobs You’ll Wish You Had

Isn't every little girl's dream to grow up one day to be a princess? While we may not have real royalty in the United States, there is one way to really grow up to be a princess - work at Disney! Filled with magic, wonder, and joy, jobs at Disneyworld and Disneyland are way too good to be true. We dug deeper to figure out the top 10 Disney jobs you'll wish you had. Is Disneyworld or Disneyland a bit of a drive for you? We've got you covered - check out these handy tips for long road trips.


1. Pyrotechnics Engineer for Epcot:
Think you could be in charge of putting on one of the country's largest fireworks show -- multiple times a  week? Yes, it's someone's job to choose the biggest, baddest, loudest, most colorful fireworks for Epcot's firework nights, ensuring there will be hundreds of "oohs" and "aahs" throughout the park. Just be sure you're comfortable with explosives!

2. Animal trainer in the Animal Kingdom:
Have a degree in zoology? Take your shot at training lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) at Disney's massive Animal Kingdom. Spend your days hanging out with majestic animals being preserved and taken care of by some of the highest animal experts in the world.

3. Tinkerbelle zipliner:
You can fly? You can fly! You can FLY! Take on the role of Peter Pan's best friend Tinkerbelle, and latch-up to a zipline each night to literally fly over the crowds while your dress sparkles and shines, sprinkling pixie dust on the wish makers below. To put it otherwise: you're a flying wish granter.

4. Bippidy Boppity Boutique Stylist:
Ever wanted to be on the fairy godmother side of Cinderella's story? With this job, you get to act like Cinderella's fairy godmother and give millions of little girls (and boys!) a magical makeover with your wand and wardrobe of thousands of beautiful dresses.

5. Disney Imagineer:
This is where the real magic happens. The Disney Imagineers are the true rulers of the park, as they're the ones who designed everything you see! The rides, the parks, the shows, the environments -- there's an Imagineer for that. And Disney is so dedicated to their park, that certain Imagineers are required to spend time living in the environment they're working on -- for example, Animal Kingdom Imagineers really spend time in Africa to make sure the design is authentic!

6. Disney Princess:
Certainly a no-brainer, but can you imagine anything better than dressing up beautifully every day to greet hundreds of smiling kids who think you're a celebrity? We can't either.

7. Parade Musician:
Any instrument you can imagine is included in one of Disney's many parades, so take your pick! Play your favorite in line behind any of the Disney characters, princesses, magical creatures, and world-class dancers, singers and actors. Join the top ranks of entertainment!

8. Topiary Architect:
Have a green thumb? Think you could sculpt incredible massive greenery throughout the park? This could be your dream job! Disney has a dedicated staff of landscapers, biologists, architects and botanists to maintain the beautiful shrubbery, blooms, trees and greens you see on every park path.

9. Scuba Diver:
Yep, Disney has their own personal scuba divers! Some are geared towards performances in Animal Kingdom, while others have the interesting job of night-scubaing -- where their main task is to make sure any trash thrown in the water is found! A midnight swim in Disney doesn't sound so bad to us.

10. Dinner Party Character:
Want to be dressed as Mickey, Minnie or Donald, but without the sweat in the summer heat? Join a dinner party group and participate in Breakfast with Mickey meals! You'll be seated inside, will get to delight kids all day long, and you might even get a bite to eat!