Tom McCall Waterfront Park

fountains-13467_960_720When you and your group get a little bit of downtime and need a bit of a break head over to the Tom McCall Waterfront Park, the popular Portland park with its namesake from Governor Tom McCall. Sitting on the Willamette River, this gorgeous 36-acre park was created when the city of Portland saw the need for a public gathering spot, green space, and river walk all at once, this proposed solution opened in 1978, after much planning and the hefty removal of Harbor Drive along the river. This entire park is great for most outdoor recreational activities, such as biking, picnicking, skating, walking, playing, and skateboarding. You will find paved walkways, grassy areas, and even a moderate 4.3-mile hike through the park and nearby Tilikum Crossing. There are several different sections of the park to explore, from the Esplanade and the Bowl to Salmon Street Springs and the Central Lawn. Aside from being spacious and beautiful, Tom McCall Park was also voted one of the ‘top ten greatest U.S public places’ by the American Planning Association!

While here at the park your group will have the chance to see the historic Battleship Oregon Memorial, a 1956 dedicated attraction that honors the 1893 ship nicknamed the ‘bulldog of the U.S Navy’. You may also choose to go sneak a peek at the time capsule buried here on July 4th, 1976, with an intention of opening for all to see in 2076. There is a Japanese American Historical Plaza, a memorial created in 1990 to honor all those individuals involved in the tragic WWII internment camps. Explore all the park has to offer and try to get a photo with the famous Salmon Street Springs, the over 185 water jet fountain that sits as the park's centerpiece. You can play, or cool off, in the midst of the bollards, misters, and wedding cake blasters, without feeling bad about it, the fountain recycling 4,924 gallons of water per minute.

Be sure to check if there will be any festivals happening during your visit, some popular ones being Cinco de Mayo, Blues Festival, or Bite of Oregon.

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