The True Cost of Costa Rica Travel

Costa Rica is an exquisitely beautiful country in Central America that has a strong cultural identity, lush tropical rain forest, and vibrant history ready to be explored. This vastly dynamic country boasts abundant wildlife, diverse ecosystems, and outstanding natural scenery, all worth an immeasurable amount more than the cost of getting here.

In the city of San Jose, you can explore the region’s historic roots and discover new, fresh, and delicious local cuisine, easily found for little to no money in the right areas. The best things in this country are found for free, like spending the morning hiking mountainside or atop the jungle canopy amid the monkeys. Soak in the sun along any of the many unspoiled beaches as you take in the incredible and diverse beauty of this tropical paradise, as well as take in the true cost and reward of traveling here. Read more about the specific attractions available here.

While some of the best things here are free, there are a few costs you won’t be able to get around. Let us break it all down for you with a few budget tips:

Cost of Costa Rica Travel:

Airfare: $250-$800 -
2016 pricing depending on departure point and season of travel.

Lodging: $10-$250 -
Dorms can be found for $10-$15; Budget hotels can be found for $75-200, and Deluxe lodging sits at $150-$250.

In city transportation: $2-$75 -
Public buses range from $2-$20 depending on where you are going and shuttles are between $45 and $70. Rental cars are $400-$700 per week.

Food: $3-$50 -
Eat at Sodas or local eateries, and you will fill up and save money! (plus they are delicious!)

Attractions: $15-$150 -
You can find national park tours for around $15, kayak or zip line tours between $50 and $75, and snorkel/scuba tours for $80-$150.

Rewards of Costa Rica Travel:

Culture, Education, Experience, Memories, Unforgettable Fun

Arenal Volcano at Sunrise in Costa Rica, as the sun reflects on the newly formed clouds

Arenal Volcano at Sunrise in Costa Rica, as the sun reflects on the newly formed clouds Adobe Stock Photo