The Best Corporate Team Building Vacations

Team building with your coworkers doesn't have to be the same ol' same name games and pyramid building in the office, it can be out of the box vacations across the country or just across the state, getting out of your comfort zone and into a setting in which you can truly bond with and rely on your team members.

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Here at Group Tours we offer companies big and small the opportunity to travel as a group and participate in unforgettable team-building vacations, whether your group is looking to relax and have fun as a team or make a serious impact on local communities. We believe that the best way to bond as a group is to travel as a group, but how do you know what kind of team-building vacation would be best for your particular company? Take a look below at our top suggestions and then give us a call to set up your company outing!

  • Ski Vacations - Many big-league companies like to treat their employees to some time on the slopes to bond and reward them for a job well done. Ski trips are very easy to turn into team-building vacations, as your group can spend time taking lessons together, riding the lifts together, and showing off your skills at the end of your trip as a team. The evenings can be filled with company dinners and drinks, making this both a fun and effective team-building opportunity for groups of all sizes and interests.
    • Top Ski Vacation Suggestions: Beaver Creek Colorado, Snowbird Utah, Jackson Hole Wyoming. 

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    Lake/River Trips - Lake and River Trips are always fun no matter what the reason, and with so many recreation options available on the water, it is hard to not turn these business outings into great team-building experiences. Your group can spend time boating, swimming, canoeing, rafting, or simply enjoying some activities on the beach during these outings, easily turning a fun day into a team-building experience you won't soon forget.

    • Top Lake/River Trip Suggestions: Lake Tahoe, Lake Michigan, Colorado River

  • Golf Trips - If you are talking business on the greens, you are probably already used to golf-based teambuilding opportunities, these outings easy ways to pull your team together and focus on a common goal: winning. Many businessmen and women alike practice their putting skills to earn points with potential business partners and clients, so why not make the most of this opportunity and turn it into a full golf-based vacation? Take your team to any major golf resort and enjoy spending time practicing, playing, and winning as a group!
    • Top Golf Trip Suggestions: TCP Scottsdale Arizona, Arrowhead Country Club Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Del Monte Golf Course Monterey California. 

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    Meaningful Missions - Taking your company out for team building activities doesn't always have to mean simply having fun and enjoying yourselves, in fact, we believe the more challenging the task at hand is the more bonding your group will experience. That is why we highly recommend taking on a more meaningful mission such as building shelters for the homeless, volunteering at various soup kitchens and/or shelters, and cleaning up after disasters for true company team building. These activities prove to be rewarding and also ensure a deeper connection with your company members as you help each other help others.

    • Top Meaningful Mission Suggestions: American Hiking Society, American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity

  • All-Inclusive Resorts - On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes all your group really needs to bond and connect is to relax in the pool with a drink, or two, in their hands. While all-inclusive resorts don't exactly ring 'team-building' at first, there are ALWAYS local activities to participate in that do. Places like Riviera Maya near Cancun offer local deep-sea fishing excursions, scuba experiences, ropes courses, village exploration, and much more that allows your group to experience challenging and memorable moments far away from home, building their bond in a deeper way than before.
    • Top All-Inclusive Resort Suggestions: Riviera Maya, Antigua, St. Lucia

GT Tip: We know you probably travel several times a year with or for your company, why not carve out a little time on these business trips and/or meetings to do something fun or challenging with your team? We suggest checking out the local attractions such as escape rooms, ropes courses, cooking classes, trivia nights, or city scavenger hunts. These are really quick, fun, and easy ways to bond with your team!