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Top 7 U.S Travel Destinations for International Visitors

As an international guest to the U.S, it can sometimes be very overwhelming to decide exactly where and when to visit during your stay. United States tourism is, at times, overly complicated in the number of options and attractions available, which we understand all too well here at Group Tours. That's why we have made…
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Fresh Find Friday: Paris at Christmas

This week we have a really special treat for you, a dazzling display of one of the most romantic cities in the world,┬áPARIS. Paris, France, is much more than the Eifel Tower, French bread, and Berets, as you may first think of. Paris is a cultural mecca unlike any other that allows you to see…
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10 Tips for Flawless International Travel

If you plan on traveling internationally, plan on reading this as well! These are our top 10 tips from the expert travel agents here at Group Tours, extremely helpful tips to follow while preparing for a trip abroad, whether you are crossing the border into your neighboring country or you are hopping on a plane…
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