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Breaking Travel News: Travel to Hawaii Post-Eruption

 By now you've probably heard plenty about the recent Kilauea volcanic eruption in Hawaii, but have you heard anything about travel changes or tourist safety on the islands? No worries, we have your back. The situation on the islands is best described with a statement from Ross Birch, the executive director of the Island of…
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Breaking Travel News: Passport Fee Increase

If you plan on getting your passport this year, be sure to get it before April 2nd to save some cash! Passport Pixabay Public Domain The U.S Department of State has released information that there will now be a $10 increase in the total ‘execution fee’ cost for passports, raising it from $25 to $35.…
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Breaking Travel News: The Fate of U.S Monuments

The fate of some major U.S monuments may be at risk in the near future, as the Trump Administration is making several noteworthy changes to the rules, boundaries, and importance to some of our most vital U.S protected zones and monuments. Some people are a little concerned with the changes, both for the sake of…
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