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Destination Sensation: America’s Best Theaters

Architecture & History Versus Drive-In Modernity  Whether you have your heart set on classic Broadway renditions, historic architecture features or modern movies in an outdoor setting, this is the blog for you! Below we have some of America's absolute best cinematic experiences, focusing on either history and architecture or modern drive-ins across the country! Get the…
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Destination Vacation – Top Summer Getaways 2016

This week on Twitter we are promoting the extremely fun and informative summer vacation week 2016 (#svweek2016), a week full of the best 5 summer vacation ideas from the staff at Adventure Student Travel. We did our research, observed our customer's wants, and used personal experience to give you these wonderful ideas for the perfect…
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Destination Transportation: Top 7 Summer Train Trips

Wanderlust Wednesday This summer, embrace your pioneer instincts and hit the rails in search of, not gold, but some of the best sights, sounds, and smells that America’s golden train country can offer you. These 7 Summer Train Trips will transport you back in time and across the nation’s most gorgeous and dramatic landscapes, so…
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