Secrets of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Emmy-award winning filmmaker Ken Burns spent over six years filming national parks for his new PBS series America's Best Idea: The National Parks. 

In a recent interview with USA Today, Burns shared in a short clip his favorite aspects of the Smoky Mountains. Burns said there is "great drama" behind the park, and that it has "a human element" unlike any of the others, due to its history of removing towns to preserve the land.

He also states that the park's intimacy is rarer than any others. "All you "need to do is park and get off the many, many roads of this large park and see that blue mountain haze that is part of this beautiful mythological place," he states.

Other elements mentioned are the park's contribution to country music and myth, the two best trails (Indian Creek & Tom's Branch), and that famous smoky fog that allows visitors to disappear.

Watch the full video here!