San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo

Open all year long, the San Francisco Zoo is an oasis of exotic animals and soothing landscapes situated by the sea. Over 1,000 animals call this reserve home including endangered and rescued animals representing more than 250 species. Several historic sites, including the Dentzel Carousel and the Fleishhacker Pool, round out the attraction and make it a cultural destination as well as an exciting attraction for all ages.

Meet African lions and wolverines, red kangaroos, chimpanzees, and hippopotami from the Nile River. Observe the African Black Duck, a species threatened in its natural Kenyan habitat, or the Magellanic penguins as they squawk in large groups, swimming through their pool and taking fish from zookeepers. American alligators, green anacondas, and Komodo dragons populate the reptile houses while the poison dart frog, tiger salamander, fire-bellied newts, and Pacific chorus frogs fill the amphibian enclosures with color and noise. Representing the invertebrates, you can see everything from Anise swallowtail caterpillars to a variety of terrifying tarantulas and white-eyed assassin bugs that prey on caterpillars.

Not only does the San Francisco Zoo care about the quality of life of their animals but also for the plant life making up the scenery and gardens. Beautiful landscapes decorate the zoo and support a more fruitful natural ecosystem, bringing in butterflies and hummingbirds among other native creatures. Greenie’s Conservation Corner encourages visitor education on ecological and sustainable living and is the most interactive of the conservation areas.

Whether you come with your friends or family, you’re sure to have a great time. Kids will love the rides and Children’s Zoo while the zoo offers lectures and behind-the-scenes programs for families and adults to learn more about the animals.

The zoo is open daily from 10:00 am-5 pm.


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