Portland Japanese Garden

o81mqoKkIG2XMxdwhV4rl5CTZqk_ofZcdGydl91THpQ,mEiiaD7WD6rbkuGFfC2hLLm0OewRt1_HRLoVyceW9ro,PKgs5IDar5pty74VnHHut3P42_LER5WupdRaMNaJdUEWelcome to the highly celebrated Portland Japanese Garden, the perfect place to go in town to see exactly how diverse and gorgeous the local landscape really is (and really can be.). The entire garden is 5.5 acres, made up distinctively of 5 different gardens. Each garden has a specific style that is intended to represent peace, harmony, and tranquility, qualities desired in such a garden. Your group will be able to experience the feeling of being one with nature as they stroll through this ‘living reflection of the long history and traditional culture of Japan, influenced by Shinto, Buddhist, and Taoist philosophies.’ Such philosophies always represent something more in their composition of stone, water, and plants than originally meets the eye, as you will see once inside this gorgeous Japanese garden.

You and your group will notice that stone is one of the essential elements in the garden, the entire area dotted with pagodas, arbors, bridges, and intricate stone lanterns. The design is asymmetrical in its basic foundation, reflecting nature in its most idealized form. You may choose to hear about this in more detail on a guided tour, or perhaps sign up for a lecture by well-known Professor Takuma Tono. You will also learn about how native Oregon trees were used to help blend the garden in naturally with the environment, as is always intended in the non-evasive Japanese nature-culture. These tours are an hour long (and seasonal) and are offered for groups, field trips, and even private functions. After the tour, be sure to spend some time strolling the gardens that catch your eye, such as the Strolling Pond, Tea, Sand and Stone, Natural, and Flat Gardens. Be sure to bring your camera!

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