Most Visited Cities Outside of the U.S.

From Paris France to Montego Bay Jamaica, there are some clear 'most-visited' cities throughout the world outside of the United States, and we have the low down on some of the best!

If only for the Eiffel Tower, Americans love the City of Light; Paris, France.

Sidewalk eateries, art, culture, baguettes, the Seine River, language and especially the romance make Paris a huge hotspot for travelers looking for a little magic and lightheartedness. Museums like the must-see Louvre are a perfect addition to group itineraries. As one of the largest museums in the world, a  travel group could easily spend an entire day marveling at timeless works of art like The Mona Lisa, with or without a tour guide.

For a sunnier, sandier city, hot and happening Cancun, Mexico is the top pick for traveling abroad!

For jungle temples, the must-see Underwater Museum of Art which is exactly what it sounds like, warm water sports, dancing, dining or simply lounging on miles of white beaches, Mexico is without a doubt the most carefree and exciting place on the map!

When in Rome...Do as the Americans do, EAT!

For sinfully divine chocolate and cheesy stuffed crust pizza look no further than Rome, Italy. Once you’ve packed your palettes with deliciousness, a boggling bundle of historic sites awaits! The Pantheon built for gods, the Colosseum amphitheater where gladiators fought in their glory, Saint Peter’s Basilica the largest church in the world, Rome does big and they do it better than anyone. For a group of students eager to soak up old world knowledge and might, this courageous city is the hub of ancient relics.

For most noteworthy fish and chips and British pomp and circumstance, Americans swarm to London, England.

Home to the must-see Buckingham Palace and the famous red-coated, fur hat-wearing Queen’s Guard. Boasted as Western Europe’s largest city the attractions are endless. The British Museum, The London Dungeon, Covent Garden, The Palace of Westminster, these and more creative opportunities for riding those red double-decker buses quite numerous!

For a Rastafarian adventure, Montego Bay, Jamaica is the stuff of songs like Kokomo by the Beach Boys for a reason.

Smooth and tranquil, Bob Marley’s spirit is well established and visitors can feel it on this jive Caribbean island. Stops like Margaritaville, bamboo rafting, Doctor’s Cave Beach Club, roadside hut eateries, glass-bottom boat rides and a plethora of other activities make Jamaica the epitome of rest and relaxation which we Americans are so very fond of!