How to Pack for Your First Cruise

HOW TO PACK FOR YOUR FIRST CRUISEEvery member of a group about to embark on their first cruise together will usually be made up of those that have braved the open seas, and those that arrive in a bundle of nerves and way over packed. But relax, we’re here to guide the new seafarers to smooth sailing with this handy packing list below!

1.) First, before you pack your cell phone, laptop, camera, camcorder, and other electronic devices, consider roaming charges and internet fees for on-board usage. Secondly, outlets will be limited, so be a step ahead of the game and pack a power strip if you intend to bring multiple items. Speaking of cell phones, keep your room card in a separate pocket so your key doesn’t become demagnetized.

2.) Don’t spoil your vacation with a case of motion sickness in the infirmary, and don’t rely on over-the-counter solutions in case you don’t develop sea legs right away. Your doctor can give you a prescription for a scopolamine patch that you place behind your ear every three days to combat nausea associated with ships.

3.) Bring small bills for tipping, room service, and snacks, along with your regular monetary preference.

4.) Invest in an over-the-door catch-all bag. The ship cabins tend to be small, and clutter is easy to come by. Keep your belongings from becoming lost or unorganized with one of these.

5.) Although there are items available for purchase once you set sail, it is far more economical to bring your own stash of things like conditioner, sunblock, aloe vera gel, lotion, batteries, bug spray, bandages and more.

6.) If your ship hosts formal dinners that you intend to pack evening wear for, count on a travel steamer to smooth out any wrinkles that formed in your baggage. Irons are not always allowed.

7.) Comfortable shoes are a necessity even if anyone in your travel group plans on spending the
week poolside.

8.) A collapsible cooler is a wonderful pool accessory if your party is a thirsty crew.

9.) If children are with you on this trip, walkie talkies are an indispensable item! It isn’t difficult to get separated on board and these will save you a lot of worry and additional roaming fees. Post-its (and a pen) are another great option for relaying messages between your mates.

10.) Stain-remover is a wonderful asset for anyone prone to spills and accidents. If you don’t do any laundry for the whole trip, just spray this on your soiled clothing to prevent stains from setting before you get home.

11.) A battery-operated alarm clock will keep you not only punctual but refreshed on your group cruise without the frenzy of missing out on excursions planned for everyone! Otherwise, you’ll be depending on wake up calls from the staff, which aren’t always reliable.