Holy Waters in Blackville, South Carolina

In Blackville, South Carolina, there is a patch of land legally owned by “God Almighty.”

Owned by L. P. "Lute" Boylston until his death in 1944, Boylston willed the land to "God Almighty" to ensure that the water from the land’s small natural spring would always be free for anyone to drink

According to legend, the spring now has powers to heal the sick. The story goes that a group of fatally wounded British soldiers were near death in the woods, but helped by Native Americans, who made them drink from the healing spring. Six months later, the soldiers were said to have returned to their camp, looking good as new.

Today, some drive hundreds of miles for the water’s legendary powers – not to mention it’s apparently delicious taste.

In the spring, water pours by the gallon continuously from multi-spigot pipes stuck in the ground. Whether or not they believe it is holy, many locals visit the spring daily just to store up the fresh water for drinking, cooking and even bathing.