Group Tours to Iceland

Icelandic Waterfall Pixabay Public Domain

Icelandic Waterfall Pixabay Public Domain

We probably aren't too far off-base in guessing that Iceland is already on your travel bucket list, or on the list of someone you know.

The Land of Fire and Ice boasts some of the most stunning natural scenery and dramatic landscape in the world, this Nordic Island Nation filled with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields, and massive glaciers.

National parks, geothermal spas, unbelievable hiking and camping opportunities, and absolutely intriguing Viking history will all greet you in Iceland, and though you probably want to visit in spring or summer, each season offers something spectacular here! Enjoy emerging flora and fauna in the spring, excellent weather in the summer, wonderful color changes in the fall, and glimpses of the Northern lights in the winter. The days are much different in summer and winter, though, with almost all sunlight during the summer and just a few hours in the winter.

Okay, enough trying to sell Iceland to you, because like we said before, you probably already want to go. Well, the good news for you is Group Tours has made some trusty travel friends in Iceland that will gladly cater to your group's needs while visiting, GJ Travel.

GJ Travel is Iceland's oldest coach company and inbound tour operator, a 3rd generation family company first founded in 1931. This company knows how to handle groups of all sizes visiting Iceland and/or Greenland, and they know how to do it well!

Here are the types of groups we think will really love this fantastic travel opportunity:

Icelandic Tours Pixabay Public Domain

  • Performance groups: We can use churches, museums and volcano craters as event locations.
  • Educational groups: Geology, Geography, Viking History, Saga literature, Glaciers & Global warming, Women Tours based on political & economical power, Fishery and Geothermal energy are all among the educational topics you can explore more in Iceland.
  • Leisure groups: Groups who are interested in leisurely exploring nature, scenery, landscape, soft adventure, outdoor activities, Northern Lights, midnight sun, hiking tour, photography, bird & whale watching and more will not be disappointed.

To give you a better idea of what you can do during your Icelandic vacation, we are including a 5-day sample itinerary from GJ Travel!

5-Day Reykjavik City Break

Day One:
Blue Lagoon - a natural geothermal pool in the middle of a large and dramatic lava field and an oasis that owes its existence to a nearby geothermal power plant.

Day Two:
Thingvellir National Park - the country’s most sacred site, home of the oldest existing national parliament in the world, the Alþingi, and major events in the history of Iceland.
Gullfoss - the Golden Falls, perhaps the most beautiful in the country. The glacial river of Hvítá tumbles 32 meters in a double cascade.
Haukadalur - contains the geysers Geysir and Strokkur, and many other hot springs.
Skalholt - an ancient bishopric, and for centuries the spiritual and educational heart of Iceland.

Day Three:
Reykjavik City Tour - learn about life in the city from the very beginning of settlement in Iceland to the present day. Stop by the church of Hallgrímskirkja and drive through the university district, past the Nordic house and the National Museum. Stop by the City hall, Lutheran Cathedral, the House of Parliament, and more.

Day Four:
Seljalandsfoss - a graceful ribbon-like waterfall, which drops from an overhanging lava cliff.
Skogafoss - 62 meters, among the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland.
Reynisfjara - black sand beach with interesting caves and impressive rock formations.

Day Five:
Departure Day - sleep in then say goodbye to this gorgeous Nordic island, until next time!

Icelandic Travel Pixabay Public Domain

Icelandic Travel Pixabay Public Domain

So get your group together and get ready to mark this one off your bucket list, just give us a call at 877.397.5700!