Fresh Find Friday: Jessica Elliott


Meet Jessica Elliott, the creator of How Dare She, popular travel resource.

I’m Jessica Elliott, the creator behind How Dare She and its social ecosystem. In traveling to every country in the world, I have grown an audience in over 150 countries who look to my content for travel inspiration and honest story-telling.

Jessica created How Dare She as a travel resource for those needing info, inspiration, or courage to get out and explore. There are three core values to Jess's blog: Courage, Curiosity, and Kindness. She uses these values in her travels, trying to explore and overcome the challenges that face different travelers, from financial or cultural to health or gender-based. In fact, some may consider Elliot a 'scary solo female travel' myth buster, her travels proving that anyone, even females on their own, can explore any country!

I want the “I could never“s to turn into “I can’t wait!“s.

Jessica's website, listed below, holds various travel tips, stories, photography, and blogs broken up by country. Her blogs have been featured in such publications as BBC, The Huffington Post, and Elite Daily, and she continues to work to spread her word to the travel world constantly.

Here are a few examples of blogs you can find on Jessica's website, as well as a sample video from her Youtube vlog series.

  • Basotho blankets and Basotho culture in Lesotho
  • 50 things to do in Iceland on a winter road trip from December to February
  • 6 ways to be a more responsible animal tourists
  • The Lockouts in Sydney

Check out more from Jessica on her Website, Facebook page, or Instagram page!

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