Flight Tips for Parents

Traveling parents Lucas Grindley and Nathan Rifenburg spoke with the New York Times about their top flight tips for traveling with their toddler twins, Annabel and Audrey. Originally a Q&A session, we've pulled the most important info for our readers to use on their next flight with the kids.


Before the Flight

- If your kids are young enough to not need tickets, make sure you bring their birth certificates to prove their age

- As a precaution, bring along paperwork that shows you are responsible for your children's health, in case of emergency


During the Flight, With Toddlers

- Bring coloring books and games, especially ones whose markers only work on the pages to avoid a mess

- Pack interesting snacks, one's they have never had before, to hold their attention

- Load your iPad with their favorite TV shows and movies, pack a few headphones to keep from disturbing the neighbors, and buy a sturdy case to avoid cracks if the kids drop the tablet


During the Flight, with Infants

- Pack a fresh bottle with a smaller nipple, so that they take longer to drink and sleep easy

- Have enough blankets to swaddle and keep your baby feeling secure


After the Flight

- Try not to change nap schedules

- Instead, move the time with the time zone

- Bring along portable cribs, or check ahead if your hotel offers those accommodations

- Don't forget blankets, pillows and teddy bears for a comfortable rest

- Schedule a vacation day to recover from your vacation