Explore New Cultures Without a Passport: US Edition

You don't have to get your passport to explore new cultures, all you have to do is find the culture-filled cubby holes of America's cities and discover a whole new world.

Taste the finest Dim Sum in New York, smell the enticing scent of Cuban Fritas in Miami, and see some of the most gorgeous Japanese art in Los Angeles.

So get out there and see the world, without ever leaving the country!

  • Little Havana

    The eclectic home to all things Cuban in Miami, one of the most visited ethnic neighborhoods on the east coast. 

    Location: Miami, Florida
    Culture: Cuban
    La Palma Calle Ocho - Try the Lechon Asado or Churros and Chocolate
    Versailles - Try the fish croquetas
    Morro Castle - Try the Cuban Fritas
    Calle Ocho - Cultural heart of Little Havana
    El Titan de Bronze - One of the most popular cigar shops
    Tower Theater - Oldest cultural establishment in the community

  • Little Saigon

    The largest Vietnamese culture center in the United States, with 3 square miles bursting with authentic cultural gems. VisitAnaheim states this spot is 'the closest you can come to Vietnam without a passport.'

    Location: Westminster, Orange County, California
    Culture: Vietnamese 
    Brodard Chateau - Try the Spring Rolls
    Pho Dakau- Try the Pho, of course
    Banh Mi Che Cali - Hot and Sour Soup
    Bolsa Avenue - Cultural center of all of Little Saigon
    Asian Gardens Mall - Typical shops and eateries of Vietnam, all in one spot
    Vietnam War Memorial - A spot to pay tribute to soldiers and reflect

  • Little Tokyo 

    Home to the largest Japanese American population in North America and holding a 132-year-old history in LA, Little Tokyo is a must-visit US cultural neighborhood.

    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Culture: Japanese American
    Men Un Tokoshima - Try any of the Ramen, though the pork Tokushima seems to be a clear winner
    Sushi Gen - Try the Sashimi special
    Daikokiya - Try the Pan Fried Pork Gyoza
    Japanese American National Museum - Learn all things immigration-related here
    James Irvine Japanese Garden - The harmony of nature displayed beautifully
    Japanese Village Plaza - 'A cherry blossom lined mall' with the best authentic shops and street foods.

  • Chinatown 

    New York City's Chinatown is one of the most visited and talked about ethnic communities in the entire country, the densely populated area of Chinese and Southeast Asian inhabitants known as one of NY's oldest neighborhoods the early 1800's).

    Location: New York City, NY (Manhattan) 
    Culture: Chinese and Southeast Asian
    Nom Wan Tea Parlor - Try the Dim Sum and Roasted Pork Bun
    456 Shanghai - Try the soup dumplings
    Kung Fu Tea - Try any of the Bubble Milk Tea, it's all great
    Museum of Chinese in America -'One of the most important national archives of Chinese history in America'.
    Columbus Park - Community social hub with performers, games, and sports, and all other things daily living related to the community.
    Mahayana Buddhist Temple - Meditate and come closer to the culture in this authentic temple.

  • Lincoln Square
    Established in the 1850's, this European-style community holds all things German culture, a spot that is described as 'old world heritage mixed with modern cultural charm'. 

    Location: Chicago, Illinois 
    Culture: German
    Gene's Sausage Shop - Try the handmade pierogi
    Chicago Brauhaus - Try the German and Sheboygan Bratwurst
    Amy's Candy Shop - Try the Dutch licorice
    Berlin Wall Monument - See a piece of history unforgettable and unmissable in the German community
    Merz Apothecary - Find all things holistic and homeopathic well being related, this traditional spot opened in 1875
    DANK Haus German Cultural Center - An educational and insightful look at German language and culture.