DEA Museum

The DEA, or the Drug Enforcement Association, was first established in 1973 is responsible for battling drug smuggling and drug use in the USA and is the only agency that can pursue its investigations overseas. With traveling exhibits and permanent collections, the DEA Museum strives to educate the public on the history, criminal use, consequences, and law enforcement of drug use in America. Following the brave action of agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency, the DEA Museum is an educational interactive museum with a purpose.

On permanent display are exhibits featuring illegal drugs in America, the rising tide of prescription drug abuse in a display titled Good Medicine, Bad Behavior, and a traveling exhibit on the costs and consequences of drugs in society. Virtual exhibits are available on the history of the DEA, addictive plants found in nature such as cannabis and poppy, and DEA agents in action in Iraq among others.

The state-of-the-art facility features modern displays and fascinating, authentic artifacts from drug-related investigations and crimes. Beginning with a single exhibit in 1999, the DEA, and the more recent DEA Educational Foundation, hoped to change the future and inspire the public with the truth about drug use and the consequences of its illegality. The DEA Museum is constantly expanding and evolving due to the ever-changing field of drug enforcement and the roles of drugs in modern society.

Devoted to the public, the DEA Museum offers activities for children and a lecture series for older students and adults. Audio tours are available for download on smartphones or for pick-up at the visitors' welcome desk and will lead you through the exhibits at your own pace with refreshing, knowledgeable information. The DEA Museum is open Tuesday through Friday, 10 am-4 pm.


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