2-Day Philly Food Tour 

2-Day Philly Food Tour

Day 1 You'll See:

  • Federal Donuts
  • Reading Terminal Market
  • Fergie's Pub
  • David’s Mai Lai Wah

Day 2 You'll See:

  • La Colombe
  • Rittenhouse Square
  • Pat’s King of Steaks/ Geno’s Steaks
  • Isgro's Fine Pastries
  • Ritz Theaters

Your stomach and sense of adventure will thank us.

Day One

Federal Donuts - You are in for a seriously surprising treat this morning, as you and your group start out your fun food-filled Philly journey at Federal Donuts, a newer city staple. What can only be described as ‘deep fried joy’, Federal Donuts sells the perfect combination of Korean-style fried chicken and delicious donuts. This unique combination has sold out regularly since the store first opened in the fall of 2011. For donut fans, breakfast means trying any of the ferociously fancy and ever-changing donuts, ranging from such amazing flavors as the mint chocolate cookie or lemon bar to maple bacon or spicy PB&J. As far as the chicken goes, you will have to battle a long line to taste the Coleman Natural veggie-fed chicken, featuring an ever-rotating list of rubs and glazes. You can try such flavors as dill pickle, coconut curry, or cowboy coffee! Your stomach will seriously thank us after this stop!

Reading Term Market  - A true lunchtime treat is in store for you next, a combination of one impressively massive indoor farmer's market and also one of the best collection of quality eateries in Philadelphia! Reading Terminal Market is a seriously famous indoor market offering diverse food, fare, houseware, and local specialties year round since 1892. Located on 12th Street in Chinatown, this massive structure has roots of old-fashioned and highly popular butchers and farmers marketing area, officially established as a market space when the city of Philadelphia came together with Reading Railroad Company. This historic ‘one-stop shopping center’ allows you to find everything to make and enjoy a complete meal, from the fresh food to cookbooks, kitchenware, and even fresh cut flowers! A must stop for lunch while in here is DiNic’s Pork and Beef, a Reading Terminal Market staple since 1954. While here try the famous Roast Pork and Broccoli Rabe Sandwich, voted the ‘ Best Sandwich in America’ by Travel Channel’s Adam Richman!

Fergie’s Pub - Welcome to Fergie’s Pub, the 21-year-old traditional pub serving local beers alongside authentic Irish culture. First created in 1994 by Fergus Carey and Wajih Ahed, this old school, TV free Irish pub serves as one of the best bi-level drinkeries in Philadelphia, serving pints and pub grub with live music and several different weekly shows. Visit during a Monday for open mic night, Tuesday or Thursday for trivia, and any weekend for various karaoke, Irish bands, blues, ballads, happy our performances, or poetry readings. While here you will taste some of the very best traditional Irish plates and pub food, from brisket chili and french onion soup to spicy salads and Irish Breakfast. Try the house Arabian Rice, fresh mussels, an apple and brie grilled cheese, crab cakes, or even bargers and mash! If you are in the mood (and of age) for a drink have no fear, Fergie’s holds one of the best local tap, bottle, and wine selection!

David’s Mai Lai Wah - David’s Mai Lai Wah is our vote for the best place to grab a late night snack while in Philadelphia! This compact, late-night staple serves up some seriously delicious, not to mention cheap, soups, noodles, and dumplings. Located in Philly’s Chinatown District, right off of Race Street, David’s is great for after pub, after show, or after dinner sweet and savory snacks! While here you will have to try the Shanghai Spring Rolls, Shredded Pork with Spicy Turnip Soup, or even the Seaweed and Bean curd Soup! They have all types of lo mein, pan-fried noodles with pork, wide and thin rice noodles, and even egg foo young. Some of the absolute best dishes here include the Peking duck, seafood birds nest, and clams with bbq sauce! This is the perfect place to grab some food, grab some authentic culture, and grab some unique Philadelphia scenery.

Day Two

La Colombe - Wake up and smell the coffee as you head to one of the most popular cafes in Philadelphia, La Colombe. The Cafe at Fishtown has a massive 11,000 square foot warehouse space, complete with a full menu cafe, roasting facilities, tasting rooms, bakeries, and a rum distillery! Enjoy the vibrant menu full of delicious breakfast bakes, loaves of bread, and pastries, as well as great lunch items such as Onion soup on toast, calalan with serrano ham, and seared salmon with shallots and mushrooms. Two of the most popular things to eat here are the Biscuits and Gravy and Roasted beet and goat cheese salad. The coffee selection here will blow you away, holding every possible earthy flavor, from dark chocolate and maraschino cherry to black pepper and smoky lime. The combinations of flavors will definitely leave you wanting more, especially the Lime, Sugar Cookie, and Passionfruit! Be sure to stop by the shop and pick up your favorite roast or gift set!

Rittenhouse Square - Welcome to Rittenhouse Square, one of the five total original open-space parks planned by William Penn himself, alongside surveyor team Thomas Holme and Paul Cret, during the late 17th century. Located in Central Philadelphia, this 7-acre tree-filled park will give your group a much-needed break from the bustle of the city. The square is surrounded on each side by high-rise residences, luxury apartments, office towers, popular stores, and of course, class act eateries. While here you may want to venture over to Rouse, Devon, Parc, or Barclay for some seriously good food before you leave the area (that is if you still have any room left)! While here be sure to wear your walking shoes and bring a camera, a perfect opportunity to squeeze in some exercise, a very important aspect of food tours, grab some iconic photos and immerse yourself into the day-to-day local culture of Philadelphia.

Pat’s King of Steaks/ Geno’s Steaks - There are three major things you need to do while in Philadelphia, and this next stop includes two of them. Philly is famous for cheesesteaks, and in turn for the great cheesesteak debate between two of the oldest and most popular steak eateries in town, Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steaks. This debate has been going strong for 4 decades now and has drawn tons of public attention, becoming an iconic must-stop for tourists and locals alike. At Pat’s King of Steaks, you will experience sliced meat sandwiches served quickly across the counter, wide open and ready to devour, unwrapped and messy! Pat’s boasts Cheez Whiz (don’t order a cheesesteak with onions, order a Whiz Wit, it’s all in how you say it). Geno’s Steaks serves up neatly wrapped sandwiches with thinly sliced meat and actually suggest provolone as the cheese of choice, making for very subtle, but noticeable differences between here and Pat’s. We suggest your group tries both Pat’s and Geno’s, or maybe split up and take a vote on the best sandwich afterward!

Isgro’s Fine Pastries - Do you know what this tour has been lacking so far? Italian wedding cakes of course, which is why we are taking you to Isgro’s Fine Pastries next! This bake shop has been turning out cannoli, cakes, cookies, custards, tarts, and pastries since 1904! Here you will find the absolutely most decadent and delicious wedding cakes, cannoli, mini creations, cookies, Italian cream, and cultural delights such as Italian rum cake and Italian cream cake. See the hard work that goes into creating the masterpiece wedding cakes and learn exactly why Philadelphia Magazine has rated this bakery the ‘Best of Philly 1995, 2000, 2001, and 2013’. Try all the amazingly rich flavors, such as the famous chocolate cake with ganache and European raspberry jam, frosted with light buttercream. There is also an amazing apricot hazelnut buttercream cake, not to mention the piece de resistance, the ‘best cannoli in Philly’!

Ritz Theaters - Ritz Theaters is a series of 3 different theaters within the Philadelphia area, the three separate theaters owned by the same mother company, Landmark Theaters. Landmark Theaters is the nation’s largest chain of theaters marketing independent film sales. This major company has entirely unique locations in such major cities as St. Louis, Chicago, D.C, and New York and is owned by power business duo Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban (yeah, the Shark Tank guy). Ritz Five was established in 1976, the entire Landmark company founded just two years before that. This quaint old fashioned feel theater holds 5 screens itself, the first of its kind if Philly. At Ritz Five you will experience an art-house cinema vibe, the theaters themselves screening independent, foreign, and documentary films Ritz offers digital projection, gourmet concession options, and onsite DVD, book, and CD sales!

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