Dallas Zoo

The oldest and largest zoological park in Texas, the Dallas Zoo started simply with two deer and two mountain lions. Today, the park boasts 106 acres of stunning landscaping, beautiful exhibits, and over 2,000 animals representing 406 species! They've certainly come a long way and because of this zoo's excellence, it is a highly recommended attraction that your group is bound to love.

The Dallas Zoo is split into two zones: ZooNorth and the Wilds of Africa. ZooNorth is the site of the park's original section and contains modern exhibits such as the Otter Outpost as well as the endangered tiger habitat, Children's Zoo, Koala Walkabout, and Bug U!, an exhibit devoted to creepy crawlies! You can probably guess what sort of animals you can find in the Wilds of Africa but that makes it no less fascinating to visit. Explore nearly every kind of ecosystem found in Africa including the bush, savanna, rain forests, and mountain zones with their own native creatures. Penguin Cove maintains cute and quirky African penguins while the Gorilla Research Center cares for a family of great apes in as natural an environment as possible. Crocodile Isle, Chimpanzee Forest, the Forest Aviary, and the newest exhibit, Giants of the Savanna, are all included among the Wilds of Africa. Find yourself face to face with reticulated giraffes, cheetahs and African lions, red river hogs, zebra, and many others as you journey through the park.

The park has won several awards for their conservation efforts, research programs, and for their innovative habitats. The prestige of the Dallas Zoo is evident to all who visit the park and we hope, if you do choose to visit, your group will have a blast touring the spectacular animals! There are a number of educational experiences, events, camps, classes, and attractions at the park that may give your group a better understanding and more fun experience with the animals.

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