Angel Oak

Visiting the Angel Oak Tree in Angel Oak Park is a must when visiting Charleston. The tree is believed to be over 1,500 years old making it one of the oldest and largest live oak trees known to exist. The oak is native to the Low Country and is not very tall but has a wide spread canopy, stretching its ancient limbs over the ground and reaching in every direction.

The tree stands at a height of 65 feet although the canopy provides 17,000 square feet of shade for the group to enjoy. Its limbs are the size of thick tree trunks and some of them rest on the ground, too heavy for the tree to bear aloft. Some of them drop underground and then come back up for a few feet, a feature common only to the very oldest of live oaks. This impressive giant tree has survived hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and human interference. The tree was severely damaged as a result of Hurricane Hugo but it has since recovered and continues to grow on John’s Island. This figure is majestic and is a famous historic landmark in the Charleston area.

If you travel to Charleston in the spring or summer, the Angel Oak Park hosts numerous artistic events for the group to enjoy. One such events is known as the Evening Under the Oak Series during which group members will enjoy music, dramatic presentations, and other entertaining activities. The park has picnic tables for those who want to enjoy the shade and grab a bite to eat. Visitors can also check out the gift shop and find out what is available for purchase.

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