Volunteer Landing Riverwalk

Knoxville TN

Running parallel to the gorgeous and historic Tennessee River your group will find the highly popular and entertaining Volunteer Landing Riverwalk. Here on the Riverwalk your group can fish, bike, participate in water recreation sports, or simply just stroll, admire, and learn about the single mile popular paved walkway. This riverwalk connects the Visitor Center, several different main Knoxville attractions, eateries, historical markers, waterfalls, and even fountains. You can eat, run, walk, play, get wet, and have tons of fun while here! As the city likes to say, this is the best riverfront fun in Knoxville, "it doesn’t get any better!"

This downtown area is lined with regional flora, from evergreen trees in the winter to Dogwood and Red bud in spring, and azaleas in the summer. The landscape and scenery of the Riverwalk will give your group a great idea of what the Smoky Mountain region is all about! If you happen to visit during the University of Tennessee football season you’re in for a treat, with Vol Navy lining the river along the landing creating a sea of orange and a truly busy and fun sight to see. On Labor Day this area turns into the South’s largest firework display, Boomsday, hosting over 400,000 locals and visitors. Any given day here you can have fun with at the marina, restaurant, picnic areas, playgrounds, waterfall scenic spots, and interactive geysers. Immerse yourself into the nature and culture of Knoxville and even learn tons of historical info with various quotes, statues, and structures along the walk revealing the region's history. There is an interactive scavenger hunt along the riverwalk, tons of local marble and limestone, and even two different one to three mile walkways to hike, bike, or stroll along!

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