Imagine yourself ziplining through the jungle, suspended bravely over the lush green canopy and shrieks of howler monkeys and see scarlet macaws and keel-billed toucans fly beneath your feet. Picture your friends relaxing in a hot spring, climbing to the peak of a volcano, and adventuring deep into the Central American rainforest. Discover new life, in you and in the world around you, with a trip to Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Monteverde Pixabay Public Domain

Monteverde Pixabay Public Domain

A small village community in central Costa Rica, Monteverde is mighty when it comes to ecotourism. Within the larger scheme, Costa Rica is considered to be the world’s premier ecotourism destination, and Monteverde is its shining jewel in the centerpiece. Resting in a lush, mountain oasis, Monteverde is as picturesque as you can ask for with panoramic vistas across jungle canopies over the melody of wildlife song and the warm, encapsulating Central American sunset.

Set atop cloud-ringed mountains of Costa Rica’s continental divide, stepping into Monteverde is like discovering an exotic dream world. The high altitude and warm climate support a magnificent range of ecosystems supporting over 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, over 2,500 varieties of plants, and much more. This wonderland is perfect for groups looking for that exciting ecotourism destination, for the trip of a lifetime swinging through trees like Tarzan and meeting monkeys in the wild.

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is perhaps the area’s most famous and popular attraction. The reserve was built to protect six different ecological zones home to birds, butterflies, rare insects, and mammals like jaguars, ocelots, Baird’s tapir, and more. Hiking trails are kept clean and clear for self-guided tours of the forest but if you desire a more informational, in-depth and exclusive look at the science of the reserve, take a guided tour. Early Morning Bird Watching tours are available for bird enthusiasts and offer unique opportunities to catch sight of the elusive native Central American quetzal bird.   

Other tours of Monteverde cover suspension bridges hanging within the treetops, offering excellent photo opportunities, as well as zip lining courses, horseback riding tours, and coffee plantation tours. Monteverde, as you will learn, is the site of one of Costa Rica’s golden grain coffee. During the 2-4 hour tours, you can experience the coffee making process from the fields to the mug, learning about everything from the farming techniques to the processing mill, sampling the different brews along the way.

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