Monteverde Orchid Garden

Orchid Garden Monteverde Costa RicaWelcome to the beautiful and horticulturally impressive Monteverde Orchid Garden, a popular natural attraction just 50 meters south of the Banco Nacional Costa Rica. Located deep within downtown Santa Elena your group will find this open air, direct contact garden with many different ecosystems and easily accessible trails featured, not to mention all those beautiful orchids! There are over 425 different orchid species here, all gathered and grown since its opening in 2006. Discover orchids endemic to the Monteverde region, a collection of miniature orchids including the absolute smallest species in the world, and common and/or hybrid worldwide orchid species. Be sure to bring your camera as you explore this overall project for the investigation and education of the conservation of orchids, a truly rewarding educational experience.

Once here you will see why this garden is considered one of the largest collections of native species in all of Costa Rica as you take a guided tour, offered bilingually and taking 25-45 minutes each. See the three sections of the garden mentioned before up close and personal, from the miniatures to the locally common and hybrid species. Your group will have plenty of time to explore the 1,000 square meter garden, full of orchids identified with their scientific names and information provided next to them. You will also see many species of birds, butterflies, and insects all within their natural habitats, as well as learn about different orchid types, pollination methods (color, shape, smells), species endangerment reasons, home planting tips, and natural pesticide uses. There is so much to see and learn here, your entire group will be entertained the entire visit undoubtedly. You may also consider visiting the nearby Monteverde Butterfly Garden, a popular attraction in Santa Elena.

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