San Ignacio

Dive into your next tropical adventure with the small, rustic town of San Ignacio, Belize. Maintaining its rugged, colloquial charms, San Ignacio has managed to resist the lure of tourist commercialization making this a budget-friendly tropical adventure destination in the Central American rainforest.

San Ignacio, like its ancestors, has a wonderful relationship with the surrounding wildlife and nature which reaches into the streets, hangs over storefronts, and flies overhead as it has for millennia. If you want to see toucans outside of your hotel, monkeys climbing in the trees, and iguanas cross the sidewalk and climb the walls, then San Ignacio is for you. Committed to preserving the natural landscape, the Green Iguana Conservation Project is a unique and fascinating attraction for any group visit. Come by and receive a tour from the passionate staff, be climbed on by friendly and curious green iguanas, and learn about the conservation practices utilized by Belizean organizations. Local conservation doesn’t begin and ends with wildlife, however. Take a hike in the rainforest or for a more controlled setting, visit the Belize Botanic Gardens or the Masewal Forest Garden Medicinal Trail to learn about native plants and how the locals have used the plants in homeopathic care.

Speaking of locals, the area was originally inhabited by Mayans as far back as 2000 BC. The ruins of their cultural sites near San Ignacio include the Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins and Museum as well as the El Pilar Mayan Ruin. A visit to Mayan ruins is something that no one in your group will want to miss as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Explore the museum exhibits, climb the ancient temple steps and experience the mystery of an abandoned city.

Although San Ignacio is a relatively small town, it stands as the cultural and economic center of the Cayo District. The museums and attractions found here are authentic, created, maintained, and patronized by locals who enjoy the sites. What you get in San Ignacio is a genuine Central American, sincerely Belizean experience. Take a cultural tour or even participate in a cooking class in the town center. Better yet, observe the area’s true personality flourish at the San Ignacio Market where people gather to converse, haggle, and fill their pantries and bellies with amazing, fresh food.  

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