Gomier’s Restaurant and Soy Center

Once you make it to Punta Gorda, the locally-loved small town on the West Coast of the Caribbean Sea, you will have by no doubt worked up an appetite, which is why your next stop is Gomier’s! Gomier’s Restaurant and Soy Center is a vegetarian and seafood shack owned and operated by Chez Gomier, an interesting man who prefers to go by the motto "health is wealth." This eatery has been voted as TripAdvisor’s number one dining destination in Punta Gorda, an eclectic little hodge podge of various palapas, tables, and bamboo or wooden furniture dotting the laid back atmosphere. This eatery is the perfect place to be introduced to the city scenery and vibe, be immersed into its local culture, and fill your bellies on some truly delicious and authentic local foods!

Explore the rustic chalkboard menu filled with interesting vegan and vegetarian items that even the pickiest eater will find delightful, such as vegetarian lasagna, burritos, and pizza, or for the more adventurous fried tofu curry, BBQ tofu, or brown rice casserole. The eatery serves fresh fried fish, filleted or whole, garlic shrimp, fresh okra, lobster, burgers, and even fresh fruit juices. You will most likely have the opportunity to meet Gomier himself, who often comes out of the kitchen to take an order, let customers and friends know about daily specials, or just pull up a chair and chat. Gomier’s stories are unbeatable, the man of a French heritage, a history of St. Lucia Rasta, jungle-ridden vegan, herbal healer, and soy-ice cream experimentalist (avocado-chocolate anybody?). He will tell you all about his local connections for foods, such as the mill that gives him his delicious and nutty brown rice, offer you a lesson in tofu production, or let you sample some soy-mango ice cream. This is one culturally and tastefully delicious stop in Belize that you and your group will love!

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